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Justice and ecology in GC 36

15 September 2016
Un estudio de marzo de 2015 de la Organización de Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentación informa que los agricultores de los países en desarrollo son los más afectados de los desastres naturales, en especial los efectos clima. Foto de:

Patxi Álvarez de los Mozos, SJ It was during the General Congregation (GC) 32 in 1975, when the Society of Jesus in describing its mission, mentioned the word “justice.”  Since then, our mission can be identified under the expression of “the service of faith and the promotion of justice.” Justice has multiple meanings, both in the Church and the secular world.  In the Ignatian family, an essential component of justice is the preferential option for the poor.  Perhaps today we have acquired a greater awareness of justice, which in various forms, was always present in our history. GC35 in 2008 incorporated a new sensibility which had been taking shape in recent decades: the concern for the environment, the care for Creation.  It has been formulated as “reconciliation with creation.” It may look like this is an ‘added value,’ a new element of the mission; that maybe in the future others could join.  But this is not the case, in fact it is a deepening of our way of understanding justice and the concern for the poor, because “the human environment and the natural environment deteriorate together” as stated in the encyclical Laudato si’. (LS 48) This encyclical enlightened the connections
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COP 22 in Marrakech: Technology and compassion

15 August 2016

The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) on 7 to 18 November 2016 in Marrakech, Morocco is geared towards encouraging countries to commit to a low-carbon economy, developing National Adaptation Plans that incorporate their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and low emission development strategy (LEDS) within the period 2015 to 2030 (from COP21, Article 4, paragraph 19). This is following through from the 2015 Paris Agreement  where countries recognized the urgency to address the impacts of climate change and committed to pursue intensified actions and investments towards sustainable low carbon economies, to be registered and monitored through NDCs that will be prepared, communicated and maintained, apart from domestic mitigation measures. COP22 in Marrakech  is a COP of action, according to COP22 President Salaheddine Mezouar and focuses on the priorities that COP21 laid out such as adaptation, transparency, technology transfer, mitigation, capacity building, and loss and damages.  COP22 is also where urgent action is taken to ensure the stability and security of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, particularly those in the African region and the small island states. And for first time in the history of the COP, a
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Self-critical but hopeful: NGOs as bridges and connectors

Sylvia Miclat Two recent reflective essays on the future of non-government organizations (NGOs) in a much-changed and changing world provide critical fodder for thought for many of us who undertake development work.  While the discussions focused on Oxfam, many of the points raised resonate beyond Oxfam. In his essay What’s to be done with...

Campos secos en Lesotho en el sur de África debido a la sequía provocada por El Niño que en 2015 y 2016, uno de los más fuertes jamás registrados y que resultó en graves crisis alimentarias y de agua en la región. Foto de: FAO

Solidarity, a fundamental principle for a sustainable world

Jean-Christian Ndoki, SJ Since Lynn White’s article “The Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis” in 1967 and the Brundtland Report on “Our Common Future” in 1987, a great number of texts have been published and several meetings held on the issues of ecology and sustainability, the most recent being Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’...

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