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Australian Jesuits divest from fossil fuels, support Flights for Forests for World Environment Day 2017

31 May 2017

Brian F McCoy, SJ I have in the Province Office a few dot paintings.  One of them is by an Aboriginal artist who was instrumental in bringing the Walmajarri people back to their ancestral land I 1979, after a cattle station was established on it in the early twentieth century. His painting is a map, but reveals more than a map.  It describes the contours of the land, creek and waterholes.  It also notes the ancient sites of significance and the places of spiritual meaning and story.  I never saw or appreciated any of those deeper levels of meaning when I first visited in 1974.  Over time, through friendships and in participation in ceremonies, I came to see and value much more what it means to walk upon this land. It has been clear for some years that human beings will need to reconsider our relationship with the land if we are to preserve our world for future generations.  The more we learn about the interconnectedness of life, the more we see how our decisions and actions can have far-reaching impacts, particularly on vulnerable communities in the poorest parts of the globe. “Poverty, social exclusion and marginalisation are linked with
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Italian Jesuits join largest Catholic divestment from fossil fuels

15 May 2017
Foto de Ignatian Solidarity Network

Ecojesuit shares this recent press release on the largest joint action of Catholic groups so far to divest from coal, oil, and gas investments, of which the Italian Jesuits was part.  Gianfranco Matarazzo, SJ, Provincial Father of the Italian Jesuits said: “I express the adhesion of the Italian province of the Society of Jesus to the divestment campaign.  With this adhesion, I announce the intention to start a more detailed process about the different ways of removing our investments from fossil, progressively within the next 5 years.” In October 2016, the Jesuits in English Canada joined other Catholic institutions around the world and announced their divestment from fossil fuel extraction, immediately stopping all future investments in fossil fuels and working to divest such holdings from the current portfolio within five years. It was the largest faith-based divestment announcement then. “Climate change is already affecting poor and marginalized communities globally, through drought, rising sea levels, famine and extreme weather and we are called to take a stand,” said Father Peter Bisson, SJ, Provincial (Superior) of the Jesuits in English Canada Province. Nine Catholic organizations from around the world announced on 10 May 2017 their decision to divest their portfolios from coal,
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Pope Francis on looking at the future through a “you”

Good evening – or, good morning, I am not sure what time it is there.  Regardless of the hour, I am thrilled to be participating in your conference.  I very much like its title – “The Future You” – because, while looking at tomorrow, it invites us to open a dialogue today, to look at...

El personal de ESSC de los silvicultores comunitarios, jóvenes voluntarios jesuitas, agricultores de agricultura ecológica, participantes en la capacitación de jóvenes y maestros de escuelas comunitarias se reúnen en las faldas del Pantaron, compartiendo una visión y esperanza comunes con una comunidad de montaña en Bukidnon, Filipinas, en un clima cambiante. Foto de: S Miclat, ESSC

A conversation on climate change and responses, community and social justice, youth and hope

Ecojesuit shares this brief radio interview with Worldview on WBEZ in Chicago, USA where host Jerome McDonnell spoke with Pedro Walpole on climate change and its impact in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region, disaster risk reduction, land use change, indigenous communities, Standing Rock, youth and hope, and coming together and building...

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