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Recommendations in healing a broken world

24 April 2018

Ecojesuit, as a network of apostolic works across the six Jesuit Conferences is reviewing its purpose, commitments and collaboration, its governance, coordination and communication. In the light of the Jesuit call for clear Universal Apostolic Priorities, a good starting point for review are the Recommendations originally presented in 2011 in a Special Report on Ecology, Healing a Broken World by the Task Force on Ecology (Promotio Iustitiae No 106 2011/2), and at the end of the document, was signed by Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, then Superior General of the Society of Jesus. These recommendations are worth reviewing from the Conference level to the kitchen.  Advances have been made and there is much greater global awareness and collaboration.  Even if the challenges have grown enormously with greater awareness, so too has the challenge of Laudato Si’ with deepening gratitude, humility and hope. 69) Principles to inspire our actions These recommendations are inspired by a number of principles listed below: i) Our faith in God‘s love and fidelity manifest in the gift of life calls us urgently to change our attitudes, and practices, to be steadfast and caring towards creation. The call of GC 35 for reconciliation draws us to establish right relationships with
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Living Laudato Si’: A Spirituality for Action Workshop

31 January 2018

The Reconciliation with Creation program of the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP) is organizing a series of Living Laudato Si’ workshops in Mindanao this year to contribute to the formation of apostolic communities of practice capable of reconciling with creation.  By bringing together the experiences of Jesuits and justice, of communities of practice and discernment, the Living Laudato Si’ workshops allow participants to review their spirituality and discernment towards more effective planning and implementation in the various apostolates. The first workshop on 21 to 25 January drew 32 participants from 13 Jesuit works in four countries.  Coordination for workshop preparations was done through the monthly webinars of the JCAP Reconciliation with Creation Program. The workshop dates dovetailed with the annual colloquium of the Society of Jesus Social Apostolate (SJSA) in the Philippines held the previous week in Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao, and the invitation broadened the Philippine participation.  Many SJSA participants are involved in university ecological or social outreach programs and some teach in high school and college.  Local parish participants took part as well and are part of the Bukidnon Mission District. There are four objectives of the Living Laudato Si’ workshops: 1) to share an understanding of
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2018 Lenten Message of Pope Francis

Pope Francis released his message for the 2018 liturgical season of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, 14 February and the theme of this year’s message is: “Because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (Mt 24:12).  Ecojesuit shares the full text of the Pope’s Lenten message that mentions...


Seeking environment and economic justice in the Pan-Amazonia

  by Alfredo Ferro Medina SJ Pan-Amazonia is a territory that encompasses areas of nine countries with seven million square kilometers and covers a third of all of South America.  The future of the planet depends a lot on the Amazon basin.  The future of all human beings also depends on our taking care...

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