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Renewing ecological life and mission

30 June 2016
: Fortalecer la acción ecológica entre los participantes en el taller de JCAP como comunidades de práctica. Foto de: A Ignacio

JCAP Reconciliation with Creation team Beginning with gratitude and reflecting on the letter of Father General Adolfo Nicolás in preparation for the 36th General Congregation, the Reconciling with Creation Reflection workshop recently held at the Culture and Ecology Center in Bendum, Bukidnon, Philippines renewed life and mission for 35 participants from 10 member countries of the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP), giving depth to ecological action. For three days with no Internet, email, and cellular phone signal, participants from Jesuit social, pastoral, and education apostolates, the local diocese and archdiocese, and a local community group of teachers and youth took part in the local exchanges and four workshop sessions – acting as one.  The search for peace and human development in the Philippine Province “Roadmap of Mindanao” helped all connect. The GC 36 calls “to accompany vulnerable migrants, refugees, indigenous and homeless people” and “to care for both our human and natural environment” and “develop sustainable ecological and social practices both within our Jesuit communities and apostolates” inspired and affirmed the workshop objectives.  As participants worked together and shared experiences, they developed 60 joint actions for strengthening, collaboration, and communication as networks and communities of practice Bendum’s morning forest clouds
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Inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities

31 May 2016
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Urbanization has been a remarkable phenomenon over the last few decades affecting millions of people and where problems emerge due to the rapid growth of population and its concentration in urban slum areas with high levels of congestion.  This situation carries additional economic, social, and environmental costs and sustains the persistent poverty and inequality. According to the World Migration Report 2015  by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), three million people migrate each week to urban areas, contributing greatly to the world’s urbanization.  The 2014 revision of the World Urbanization Prospects  by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs notes that “54 per cent percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050.  Projections show that urbanization combined with the overall growth of the world’s population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban populations by 2050, with close to 90 per cent of the increase concentrated in Asia and Africa.” Following through from the Millennium Development Goals that finished in June 2015, one of the 17 global goals of the new Sustainable Development Agenda, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11, aims “to make cities inclusive, safe,
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Los participantes en el taller JCAP en Bendum con la cordillera de Pantaron como telón de fondo, Dave está en la última fila, el 9º por la izquierda. Foto de: A Ignacio

Reconciling with creation and renewing mission in Micronesia and beyond

David Andrus, SJ In a brief report to the Jesuits of Micronesia, David Andrus, SJ shares his experience as one of the participants to the Reconciling with Creation Reflection Workshop of the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP)  held at the Culture and Ecology Center in Bendum, Philippines from 6 to 10 June 2016. I...


Promoting spirituality as a sustainable action

José Eizaguirre, in an interview by Paula Sendín Ecojesuit shares a brief interview of José Eizaguirre abou his recent book Todo confluye: Espíritu y espiritualidad en los movimientos altermundistas (Everything comes together: Spirit and spirituality in alternative lifestyles).  He spoke with Paula Sendín about his thoughts on people’s search for simpler lifestyles, seeking the...

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