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Italian Jesuits join largest Catholic divestment from fossil fuels

15 May 2017
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Ecojesuit shares this recent press release on the largest joint action of Catholic groups so far to divest from coal, oil, and gas investments, of which the Italian Jesuits was part.  Gianfranco Matarazzo, SJ, Provincial Father of the Italian Jesuits said: “I express the adhesion of the Italian province of the Society of Jesus to the divestment campaign.  With this adhesion, I announce the intention to start a more detailed process about the different ways of removing our investments from fossil, progressively within the next 5 years.” In October 2016, the Jesuits in English Canada joined other Catholic institutions around the world and announced their divestment from fossil fuel extraction, immediately stopping all future investments in fossil fuels and working to divest such holdings from the current portfolio within five years. It was the largest faith-based divestment announcement then. “Climate change is already affecting poor and marginalized communities globally, through drought, rising sea levels, famine and extreme weather and we are called to take a stand,” said Father Peter Bisson, SJ, Provincial (Superior) of the Jesuits in English Canada Province. Nine Catholic organizations from around the world announced on 10 May 2017 their decision to divest their portfolios from coal,
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Features of a sustainability science

31 March 2017
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Pedro Walpole, SJ Ecojesuit shares this article published in the first English edition of La Civiltà Cattolica, a magazine published continuously by the Jesuits in Rome since 1850 and originally available only in Italian.  For the first time, its 4000th edition is also in English, French, Spanish, and Korean, and was launched in January 2017. Pope Francis met the Jesuit writers for the magazine, and “shared with them the importance of poetry, art, and pioneering intellectual research (as frontiers) and defend not just Catholic ideas but must also witness to Christ in the world with a restless, imaginative, and open-ended spirit (as bridges).”  This article was initially featured in the Volume IV, 2016 issue of La Civiltà Cattolica with the title “I lineamenti scienza della sostenibilità.” In 2020 the success or failure of the twenty-first meeting of the Commission of Parties of the United Nations (COP21 Paris) will be remembered as it gave the responsibility to each nation to go home and review commitments.1  Over 110 countries signed up to the Nationally Determined Contributions scheme.2  The year 2015 was also notable for a retake on human needs and action to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) released in New York.3
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ESSC staff of community foresters, young Jesuit volunteers, eco-agriculture farmers, youth training participants, and community school teachers gather on the slopes of the Pantaron, sharing a common vision and hope with an upland community in Bukidnon, Philippines in a changing land and a changing climate. Photo credit: S Miclat, ESSC

A conversation on climate change and responses, community and social justice, youth and hope

Ecojesuit shares this brief radio interview with Worldview on WBEZ in Chicago, USA where host Jerome McDonnell spoke with Pedro Walpole on climate change and its impact in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region, disaster risk reduction, land use change, indigenous communities, Standing Rock, youth and hope, and coming together and building...

En mayo de 2016, se informó de que cinco islas de arrecife en las Islas Salomón en el suroeste del Pacífico desaparecieron, y otras seis experimentaron severas costas de retroceso, debido al aumento del nivel del mar.  Esto surgió de un estudio australiano que analizó la dinámica costera de del aumento del nivel del mar por Simon Albert, et al (, que utilizó imágenes cronometradas aéreas y satelitales de las 33 islas de 1947 a 2014, junto con el conocimiento histórico y el conocimiento local.. Foto de:

A soul-sized challenge in turning our consciousness and actions 180 degrees

John Surette, SJ Ecojesuit shares this timely piece from the National Catholic Reporter, as John Surette, SJ urgently reminds us of the soul-sized challenge in turning our consciousness and actions 180 degrees to respond to the climate disruption that humanity faces this century. In biblical times, repentance manifested itself in external signs such as...

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