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Ecojesuit: Global Jesuit collaboration and action on environment as relationship

15 October 2017

Jesuit responses to a rapidly changing world, environmental concerns, poverty, and violence are challenging its worldwide ministries.  There clearly is a need to initiate new processes for broader engagement by Jesuits in the larger transformation that Pope Francis seeks in caring for creation in Laudato Si’.  As the message of GC 36 and the conversations with the Holy Father spread, reflection is quietly deepening and this is where Ecojesuit wishes to strategically respond. Previously referred to as the Global Ignatian Action Network (GIAN)-Ecology, Ecojesuit facilitates engagements among Jesuit social, educational and pastoral institutes, as well as other religious congregations and the Church, to address Laudato Si’s broad call for action and collaboration with others in reconciliation in the world.  And to achieve this, Ecojesuit pursues the following actions at three levels: Promoting global cooperation through dialogue to discern on the role of values and civil society in achieving effective change, with the scientific community and with belief systems Accompanying regional actions through collaboration to encourage links with regional networks and with diverse stakeholders Supporting local initiatives through networking to strengthen local efforts in ecological conversion and meeting the needs of people Boundaries on the landscape The Jesuit global challenge in
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Bringing about change through human development, religion, and the community’s hope

30 June 2017
Laudato Si’ is the core of many discussions during the 2017 World Church and Mission annual conference in Würzburg, Germany, and how care for our common home is integrated in development policies so that better policies lead to better projects. Photo credit: P Walpole

Pedro Walpole, SJ People living at the margins of the world share a hope that sustains their communities despite the complexities of today’s world, which generally exclude them and many others who are economically poor.  This hope is a powerful motivating force that often comes from a shared faith and enables marginalized communities to take action.  Development assistance that traditionally uses a secular approach is increasingly including faith-based organizations (FBOs) and religious actors in broader collaboration for change. During the World Church and Mission 2017 annual meeting on “Religion and Development” in Würzburg, Germany last month, the discussions spoke a great deal about compassion and commitment of people who work at the edge and how the work can be very rewarding in terms of experiencing human development.  In many of these situations, those who first respond to the need come from a religious institute or faith organization.  At times, it is a community hope borne out of a shared faith that strengthens and enables the changes sought.     From an environmental standpoint, Dr Azza Karam, senior advisor on culture and social development to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), discussed the Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting how the need to reimagine
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Reconciling God, Creation, and Humanity: An Ecological Examen

The Jesuit Conference of Canada and the US developed a new ecological examen Reconciling God, Creation, and Humanity with the Ignatian Solidarity Network as a reflection tool to help individuals and institutions to engage more deeply in caring for creation and promoting ecological justice. The examen heeds Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si’ to...

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2017 World Day of Prayer for Creation: A joint message from the Vatican and from the Phanar

Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew issued this brief joint statement on ecology for the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation, challenging “all people of goodwill to dedicate a time of prayer for the environment” so as “to change the way we perceive the world in order to change the way we relate...

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Ecojesuit hosts Laudato Si’ event and fair in Bonn during COP23

Ecojesuit is hosting a dialogue Laudato Si’ – Environment as Relationship at the sidelines...

Scholastics form eco-friendly habits at Puna Unit in Jakarta, Indonesia

Scholastic F Ray Popo, SJ The scholastic formation house at Pulo Nangka (Puna Unit)...