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United climate action for the common home: A statement from Ecojesuit in Bonn COP23

30 November 2017
El equipo de Ecojesuit en Bonn, noviembre de 2017, aprendiendo del proceso global de la COP23.

Ecojesuit, an ecology network of Jesuits and partners from around the world, joined other organizations at COP23 to learn from the global process that is responding to the challenges of climate change and its impact on people and the planet, share experiences, communicate urgent concerns from the local to the global, and take greater collaborative action. COP23 put small islands on the world map, some of which are disappearing and increasing people’s vulnerability, and gave vital importance to shifting to a low global emission economy. We affirm the urgency to implement and increase the contribution to the Green Climate Fund, given the necessary focus on small island developing states (SIDS). The human tragedies faced by local people losing land and livelihood is already happening. We affirm the need to meet the more ambitious challenge of 1.5 degrees Celsius. We seek more united action and communication through better collaboration in: Implementing programs and protocols for disaster risk reduction and supporting SIDS and other communities throughout the world already suffering from massive floods and droughts as a result of climate change Shifting from fossil fuels and destructive extraction industries that degrade both the environment and human rights, most often experienced by Indigenous
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Indigenous communities and international development cooperation at COP23

15 November 2017
Placing dialogue, planning, and meaningful consultation with communities about proposals affecting their land and natural resources at the center.

Cecilia Calvo and Pedro Landa In the opening days of the COP23-Fiji in Bonn, we listened to many challenges facing our common home and contributing to climate change, including the destructive impacts of an economy of exclusion.  The destruction of the Amazon which Pope Francis has called the ‘richly biodiverse lungs of our planet,’ the extraction and privatization of natural resources, the displacement of local and indigenous populations and the contamination of their water and lands, and the criminalization of environmental and human rights defenders are all part of this throwaway culture that prioritizes profit over the common good and is contributing to climate change.Among many concerns raised by participants at COP23, special attention surfaced over insufficient responses to address climate change coming from international development cooperation in a 9 November forum Forest Conservation through Community Rights and the Role of German Financial Involvement.  The forum is one of 40 side events of the Interconnections Zone, a transdisciplinary space for dialogue on sustainable development and climate action hosted by the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). The gathering aimed to “highlight the key role played by indigenous peoples and forest communities in conserving forests and meeting multiple climate
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On their way to COP23, leaders from the Pacific island states met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Photo credit:

Reaffirming the urgent call to renew dialogue on building our planet’s future

Ecojesuit shares the letter of Pope Francis to Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama  who officially hosted the UNFCCC COP23 in Bonn, Germany from 6 to 17 November. Excellency, Nearly two years ago, the international community gathered within this UNFCCC forum, with most of its highest government representatives, and after a long and complex debate...

Bicicletas para ir y volver en el recinto de la COP23 en Bonn. Foto de: S. Miclat

A reflection in Bonn during COP23: What change in lifestyle demands

Pedro Walpole The Ecojesuit team gathered in Bonn to take part in a global process that is reckoning with climate action.  During one of our sessions, Pedro shared reflections on Fr Arturo Sosa’s letters where we need to discern priorities and changes needed, in the global and local, and also changes in ourselves, in...

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