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Responding through reconciliation

30 November 2016
Sesión de clausura de la CG 36. Foto de:

José Ignacio García, SJ The recent 36th General Congregation (GC 36) of the Jesuits has been a new opportunity to reflect on the challenges we have in front of us as a community of the Church and to find our capacities – and fears – to respond to them. The election of Father Arturo Sosa as Superior General is part of the response to these challenges.  Undoubtedly, the GC felt that Father Sosa is the one who can best help us to respond in such a complex global context, marked by increasing inequalities, environmental degradation and where populist leaders are getting access to power by seeking to attract people with effective policies, even if it means reducing the guarantees for freedom and human rights. Besides electing a new Superior General, GC 36 also reflected about the Society of Jesus in this new context by looking at three fundamental elements of community, our identity, and the mission we want to respond to. Community, how we live The community remains a challenge for the Jesuits.  It is not so much about the “concrete community” as it is about the relationships we establish within it and also about our lifestyles.  We need more
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A changing China in a changing world and a changing climate from the perspective of a Chinese non-governmental organization

31 October 2016
Des bénévoles du CBCGDF démantèlent des pièges à oiseaux dans l’aire de conservation de la Chine pour la couleuvre à face noire à Zhuanghue. Crédit photo: CBCGDF

This is the second part of the paper of Minister Hu Deping that Professor Frederick Dubee of the Beijing Genomics Institute presented at the Joint Consultation of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Laudato si’ and the Path to COP22 at Casina Pio IV, Vatican City, 28 September 2016. The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) understands that its mission is to build environmental awareness and to translate that awareness into action, to help and support society and all stakeholders in bringing about meaningful change.  This is to ensure that China’s dream will not implode through the pressures of omission, inaction, and the cancer of “selfish” systems that demand and extort “profit at any price.”  There is also the social justice needed and the participatory and sustainable resource use and management that must be promoted. The Foundation has taken to heart all that has been learned from the tremendous investment in resources, effort, innovativeness, dedication that have gone into the Millennium Development Goals.  Failure and success have been great teachers and the needs of the disadvantaged and the requirements of future generations are constantly inspiring and provoking us to critically and
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Connection, disconnection, reconnection: The radical vision of Laudato si’

Anthony Annett, PhD In reflecting upon those aspects of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’ that seem most relevant to COP22 and beyond, I focus on interconnectedness, a theme that pervades the entire encyclical and explore three key points: Laudato si’ posits a deep connection between human beings among themselves and with the created world,...

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A lost legacy

Tulau Overhoff The Pohnpei Youth Council sponsored a Pohnpei Youth Contest on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for high school students who were invited to select the most important SDG for the youth.  Contestants wrote poems, songs, essays or created some art to explain their choices.  Tulau Overhoff, a Grade 11 student at...

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