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REPAM: Shaping a church with an Amazon face and an indigenous face

18 February 2019

“Each culture and each worldview that receives the Gospel enriches the Church by showing a new aspect of Christ’s face. The Church is not alien to your problems and your lives, she does not want to be aloof from your way of life and organization. We need the native peoples to shape the culture of the local churches in Amazonia. And in this regard, it gave me great joy to hear that one of Laudato Si’s passages was read by a permanent deacon of your own culture. Help your bishops, and help your men and women missionaries, to be one with you, and in this way, by an inclusive dialogue, to shape a Church with an Amazonian face, a Church with a native face.” From Pope Francis during his meeting with Indigenous People of Amazonia at Puerto Maldonado, Peru, 19 January 2018  The Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region is scheduled in October 2019 on the theme Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology and seeks to address the environmental and social degradation faced throughout the territory that is home to over three million Indigenous Peoples. This development comes at a crucial time
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El Niño 2019 + Climate Change

31 January 2019
The new norms of cold and warm extremes

by Pedro Walpole SJ With the heat of the Australian summer in the southern hemisphere and the freezing in North America by the polar vortex, 2019 begins with the extremes. For those in the tropics, especially the west Pacific, there is a need to be watching the east Pacific 3.4 zone to understand the emerging El Niño, which if it persists beyond mid-year, will impact globally. National Geographic recently shared a video which is a very good explanation of what is happening. This should be shared in all schools, government offices and community centres; we need to understand and calmly prepare for El Niño and not become fraught and agitated. In the Asia Pacific region, conserving water is an urgent priority as in some areas, there is already a 60% reduction in the average rainfall for the past three months of the rainy season. Present predictions are at an early stage and the now declared El Niño of 2019 is not (yet) predicted to be as severe as 1997, when Mindanao lost rains for much of the year. The Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines recently put out a warning advisory and a dry condition/dry spell/drought assessment. El Niño is now
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C Devitt

Living Laudato Si’

by Catherine Devitt Laudato Si’ offers a deep ethical and spiritual meaning of what personal and societal transformation could look like in the age of climate breakdown and ecological loss – an approach that goes beyond the superficial expressions of the word so often found in the policy literature to which I am generally exposed...


Fly around the world – or give up some of the privileges I’ve laid claim on

by Andreas Carlgren I belong to a global group of privileged, high consuming individuals, living in relatively stable parts of the world. Having benefitted from years of costly education I have spent a professional career among fellow educators, decision-makers, and people in academia who are expected to travel around the world. We think of ourselves...

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