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Programs and Projects

Networking for corporate accountability in the extractives sector and calling for open justice in Canada

28 February 2015
Répartition géographique des avoirs miniers canadiens en 2013.  Crédit photo:Ressources naturelles Canada

Kirsti Tasala The Canadian Jesuits International (CJI), an apostolate of the Jesuits in English Canada, joined the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) in early 2014 and added its voice calling on Canada to be “Open for Justice.” CNCA launched Open for Justice in October 2013, a campaign that invites Canadians to support demands...
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The 2015 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference: Vision to action for water and sustainable development

15 February 2015
Foto des: UN Water

Javier San Román The UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference held last 15 to 17 January 2015 in Zaragoza, Spain both served as an assessment of what has been done after a decade in relation to water for life and what the next plans and approaches are in relation to water and sustainable development in...
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To tend the earth: 2nd Annual Climate Change Conference, Loyola University Chicago

31 January 2015

The Institute of Environmental Sustainability of Loyola University Chicago is co-hosting the second annual Climate Change Conference from 19 to 21 March 2015 that intends to move beyond the sterile debate of whether global climate change exists to the theme of tending the earth. To tend means to pay attention to, to act as...
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The London Mining Network: Collaborating for greater transparency, accountability, and responsibility

15 January 2015
Pius Ginting (medio), una comunidad y activista del medio ambiente de Indonesia, se quedó con la comunidad jesuita Clapham y participó en la Gira de Carbón Sucio organizado por la Red Minera de Londres. Foto de:

Scholastic Henry Longbottom, SJ The world comes to London, capital of the United Kingdom (UK), in many ways. London’s international and culturally diverse outlook is deeply attractive to visitors, workers, and students alike. But the city is also a magnet for global finance. Most of the world’s leading multinational companies have gained a foothold...
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Continued local opposition to coal mining in Karanpura Valley in Jharkhand, India

15 November 2014
Mujeres recogen carbón que su familia puede vender, en contra de un paisaje de minería de carbón en Jharkhand, al este de la India. Foto de: P Walpoe

Sourced from spokespersons for two people’s organisations in the Karanpura Valley: Janum Bhumi Raksha Samiti and Karanpura Bachao Sangarsh Samiti Residents of Karanpura Valley in Jharkhand, India who consistently rallied against a coal mining project that threatened their livelihoods and their traditional connection with the land were delighted to hear the news that the...
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Strengthening youth leadership and capacity in environmental and social action in Huamanga and Jaén, Perú

31 October 2014

María Jesús An exciting new three-year project on the training and democratic participation of youth leaders from Huamanga and Jaén for the environment, areas with the greatest levels of poverty and inequality in Perú, intends to strengthen the capacities and skills of young people regarding environmental issues. The project was launched last July 2014...
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Finding business solutions to social problems: Jesuit initiatives in social enterprise

30 September 2014
Jóvenes en comunidades indígenas exploran producción de café en las tierras altas de Mindanao (Filipinas) requiriendo asistencia de técnica y comercialización. Foto des: ESSC

Mariel de Jesus Today’s problems need different strategies and Jesuits must apply new skills and techniques in order to respond more effectively. Beyond simply business skill however, there is a need for greater imagination to solve the challenges of today. In the same way business as usual needs to change, social ministries and apostolates...
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An open letter to Pope Francis, a global summit, and a people’s march for climate action

15 September 2014

Three events are responding to the increasing global understanding of the need for change in global climate action and Ecojesuit is highlighting these to share the emerging movements and also the growing reflection that we cannot go on business as usual. Jim Hug recently wrote an open letter to Pope Francis that he is...
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Lessons in post-disaster management

31 August 2014
Casas con techos y paredes en un sitio de reubicación, pero sin agua. Foto des: ESSC

Mariel de Jesus Surviving the typhoon is the initial ordeal for many people who live through climate-related disasters in the Philippines. Losing homes and livelihoods, survivors next face the challenge of restoring a sense of normalcy in their lives. After the initial outpouring of relief goods, people are often left to their own devices,...
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GNMR Update: Responding to equity and sustainability concerns in the governance of mineral and natural resources

15 August 2014
2014_08_15_P&P_ES  photo

The first issue of the GNMR Update, an e-newsletter that shares the work and activities of the Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources (GNMR) Network, was released this month. The GNMR Network  is a network of Jesuit organizations and individuals working to address issues of equity and sustainability in the governance of natural and...
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