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Mission response to the challenges and changes of 2021

4 January 2021

Pedro Walpole SJ Recently my work team and I went through a listening activity to see how we wanted to get the best out of the continuing lockdown – its stillness, distancing and uncertainties, lack of family – and deepen our own faith in finding ways forward in the coming year. We are living in the low hills in Mindanao, Philippines and working with ecosystem restoration, sustainable land management, and youth leadership. Meanwhile the world lives under the constant threat and loss due to the pandemic, uncertainties of vaccine distribution, and is pulling itself apart politically and economically with growing vulnerability for an increasing poor, while we face an epoch-shift in environmental destruction. LISTENING to context There were questions asked. How do we understand the world we are living? How do we understand our relations and work? What expressions or concepts do we use to communicate personally where we are? How do we deal with this in our work and how do we live it out in the present time? Perhaps, many of us have found a path through, but not one we are always particularly happy about. CHANGES analyzed Many in the group shared about the uncertainties in the
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Ecojesuit Lead Actions to build a better normal

17 December 2020

Ecojesuit contributes to a better normal through its Lead Actions that emerged out of two months of focused dialogues early this year with the six Jesuit Conferences, providing the basis for more solidarity and strengthened collaboration towards integral ecology. Key commitments are taking shape and a new brochure, Ecojesuit Lead Actions to build a better normal, developed for greater cross-Conference communication. A primary focus area is Lead Action 1: Connect agriculture and entrepreneurship and together with Santa Clara University in California, US and the Jesuit Conference of South Asia, a dialogue series was started to promote food and agriculture systems for the common good. An initial webinar, Agroecology for Food System Change: A dialogue series on life, land, and livelihood on 19 November highlighted North and Central American community experiences and actions. Globally renowned ecologist and environmental advocate, Dr. Vandana Shiva, joined the panel and presented a global overview of agroecology as a response to the pandemic and food systems change. Future sessions will be organized in early 2021 focusing on Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Complementing this effort is Farm for Care, an online platform Ecojesuit recently developed to encourage dialogue and exchange around agroecology and food systems. On-the-ground
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Stories from the missionary sisters on their threatened homelands in the Pacific

Ecojesuit shares these stories on the impacts of a changing climate in the Pacific islands from the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary who have been in the Pacific since 1845, and living and working today in Asia Pacific and Oceania such as Bougainville, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, New Caledonia, Vanuatu,...

A prayer from Oceania and Asia

This prayer from Oceania and Asia was shared during a gathering of the Ecclesial Networks Alliance for Integral Ecology on 3 November. It was inspired by Pinanukēdan, a song by the Pulangiyēn tribe in Bukidnon, Philippines that talks about the limits and balances set on our life on earth, from the land and high above the sky.

News and Programs

RAOEN, an ecclesial network for forests, ocean, and peoples of Oceania and Asia

The River above Asia and Oceania Ecclesial Network (RAOEN) was launched online on 24...

Webinar on the proposed Massive Online Open Course on sustainability and Ignatian values for Jesuit universities

HEST-Cluster on Ecology and Environmental Challenges A webinar on the proposed Massive Online Open...

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