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Developing the Ecojesuit narrative together: 2020 and beyond

31 January 2020
Illustration from the Ecojesuit Workbook on Effective Collaboration

We closed 2019 with much energy and gratitude coming from the Annual Ecojesuit Meeting of Conference Coordinators in Mumbai, India that focused on networking and getting a better hold of what it means to be a network, as well as the sense of time and commitment it takes. Experiences from the South Asian context provided moments of insight on the great value of elevating stories from the local to the global level. It is clear that providing a platform for more voices on the ground to be heard is our focus for 2020. The sense of emergency is also clear: from the opportunities lost in COP25 to the urgent call of half a million people who gathered in protests in Madrid; from the wildfires in Australia, floods in Jakarta, droughts in South Asia, disruptions in water availability across Latin America, to the locust swarms in East Africa. We are all coming from our own contexts and institutional agenda, but in responding to these realities, we can only make an impact if we work together. As we go onward through 2020, we are challenged to be more creative and dynamic in fostering points for synergy and ways to collaborate. We continue our one-day-a-week
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An occasion where humanity in crisis acts before history repeats itself

11 December 2019

Pedro Walpole SJ Half a million people marched in the evening light of 6 December along Paseo del Prado in the center of Madrid. A few groups of small children with their parents and teachers had their little placards and enjoyed the excitement. It was apeaceful, celebratory event with cheers and chants but clearly with a challenge. There were something like 4,000 protests around the world on the same day; peaceful yet marginal to the urgent political action needed in addressing the climate emergency at COP25. The weight of the marchers’ message should not be lost however in the moment of festivity, without any balloons of course. 2011 saw the start of the Spanish Spring, the 15 M movement and what became the Occupy Movement; in itself sparking several other social upheavals in our time. Probably the youth unemployment figures of 40% for Spain have not changed much (even through recognizing the seasonal subsistence work). It doesn’t take much to connect the disillusionment with government non-action around the world. What was it last year? The Yellow Jackets (or Vests) in Paris protesting increases, putting the cost of an unsustainable economy on the wrong people and now it’s another sector affected
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Bishop Vincent Aind, Diocese of Bagdogra: “I would dare to think we have to seek opportunity here, without migrating far away. While one may earn better – such as in Kerala where they can earn two to three times what they earn here - there are many other evil consequences of migrating. So I would like to think boldly that we have to seek opportunity here.”

Finding motivation for Adivasi youth and community in Bagdogra: Thoughts from Bishop Vincent Aind

Raiza Javier Tea or chai is a staple part of daily life in India, the second largest producer of tea in the world. As the most popular drink in the country, tea does not only bring people together for refreshment around the table, but also in plantations away from their ancestral land. Such is the...


Reflections on the XVI Comillas Theology Conference on Ecology

Luis Delgado del Valle SJ The XVI Comillas Theology Conference held at Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain in October 2019 had a special relevance when dealing with the theme of ecology given the historical moment in which we find ourselves. Three milestones define that moment. A week before, the president of Brazil, Jair...

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Civil society organizations call for peatland management and cancellation of concessions in the Congo Basin in COP25

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Interdisciplinary colloquium seeking synergy in Laudato Si’, Ecojesuit, Amazon Synod, and sustainable development

Law students studying financial, environmental, and sustainable development themes in their legal courses at...

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