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An occasion where humanity in crisis acts before history repeats itself

11 December 2019

Pedro Walpole SJ Half a million people marched in the evening light of 6 December along Paseo del Prado in the center of Madrid. A few groups of small children with their parents and teachers had their little placards and enjoyed the excitement. It was apeaceful, celebratory event with cheers and chants but clearly with a challenge. There were something like 4,000 protests around the world on the same day; peaceful yet marginal to the urgent political action needed in addressing the climate emergency at COP25. The weight of the marchers’ message should not be lost however in the moment of festivity, without any balloons of course. 2011 saw the start of the Spanish Spring, the 15 M movement and what became the Occupy Movement; in itself sparking several other social upheavals in our time. Probably the youth unemployment figures of 40% for Spain have not changed much (even through recognizing the seasonal subsistence work). It doesn’t take much to connect the disillusionment with government non-action around the world. What was it last year? The Yellow Jackets (or Vests) in Paris protesting increases, putting the cost of an unsustainable economy on the wrong people and now it’s another sector affected
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Non-state actors promoting and collaborating on local knowledge and initiatives for climate action

9 December 2019
Local and indigenous knowledge to climate action at the 2nd Capacity-building Hub during COP25 Madrid with Ecojesuit and the Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities as key

Pedro Walpole SJ We are here at COP25 Madrid for climate action, recognizing the scientific knowledge, the state of political inaction, and the call for greater peace in a world where conflicts are growing. While recognizing the important role of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as a valuable inter-governmental platform and the frustration of many negotiators, the response is inadequate to the emergency. However, this space that the 2nd Capacity-building Hub provides through this session on local and indigenous knowledge to climate action during the Capacity-building Knowledge to Action Day gives us an opportunity to network with many more initiatives. We have a climate emergency and while recognizing that personal and community action are fundamental, we cannot be effective alone, as we are all tied into the global problem. Unless we can engage the political and market forces of this global world, we cannot get the necessary change. While struggling with the political arthritis of this age and damaging polarization in many countries, together we look for new ways to seek effective action. We seek greater collaboration amongst social action groups, networks for change, and faith-based organizations. We affirm different knowledge systems, indigenous peoples, and local community-led initiatives to
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Peace as a journey of hope, through dialogue, reconciliation and ecological conversion

Ecojesuit shares the message of Pope Francis celebrating the 53rd World Day of Peace in January 2020 as a journey of hope with dialogue, reconciliation and ecological conversion. Peace, a journey of hope in the face of obstacles and trial Peace is a great and precious value, the object of our hope and the aspiration...


Ecological thinking: We are all ecologically connected

George Pattery SJ Our interdependence is most visible in the ecosystem, and when Laudato Si’ speaks of this, it is not only from the ecological point of view, but also from the whole evolutionary point of view. Everything is interconnected. Even the flutter of a butterfly can change the harmony of the universe. In...

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