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What Ecojesuit can learn from Pope Francis

18 September 2020

On 3 September, Pope Francis met with some ecological experts who are collaborating with the Bishops’ Conference of France on the theme of Laudato Si’. The prepared document for the meeting lays out the formal welcoming message that talks of one single human family and a healthy humanity, while highlighting that during the pandemic, the social fragility and environmental degradation are integral to the global context. It highlights the urgency and participation of the Church in response to these signs of the times. The steps are laid out – of awareness, of being Christian, biblical conversion, and connectedness. It is attentive and hopeful; most of all it is encouraging. This is a supportive and inclusive way to lay the path for the universal Church in all its diversity. Unfortunately, this brief welcome, treasured by a few, and used in various editorials, will be filed away, as the Pope handed over his prepared address to his visitors and proceeded to speak impromptu from his personal experience. Communicating with his usual calm sure voice of concern and firmness, Pope Francis shared his personal thoughts that are focused on his own experience of becoming aware, of listening deeply to voices that reached him in
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Season of Creation 2020: Jubilee for the Earth with new rhythms, new hope

3 September 2020

For many people around the world, the year 2020 may be considered a year of online meetings and virtual interactions. However, with the coronavirus pandemic exposing deep-seated injustices in various levels of society, it is clear that more than anything, 2020 needs to be a year of action. Taking place during the Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year, and with the urgent cries of the earth and the poor amplified by the global crisis, this year’s Season of Creation calls for an urgent reconciliation of our relationship with the environment and one another. “As the world experiences deep uncertainty and suffering in the midst of a global emergency we are called to recognize that a truly healthy recovery means seeing that ‘everything is connected’ and repairing the bonds we have broken,” Monsignor Bruno-Marie Duffé, Secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, wrote in a letter on 24 May 2020. With the theme Jubilee for the Earth: New Rhythms, New Hope, the invitation is “to consider the integral relationship between rest for the Earth and ecological, economic, social and political ways of living. This particular year, the need for just and sustainable systems has been revealed by the far-reaching effects of
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Breathing Together: An invitation to the Ignatian vigil for the Season of Creation

Xavier Jeyaraj SJ Dear Father/Brother/Sister/Friends I am writing to introduce you to the global Ignatian prayer vigil Breathing Together for the Season of Creation. The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat (SJES), along with Jesuit institutions and networks from different parts of the world, is organising an online prayer vigil, similar to the Pentecost vigil of...

The Pope’s universal prayer intention: Respect for the planet’s resources (with video)

We are squeezing out the planet’s goods. Squeezing them out, as if the earth were an orange. Countries and businesses from the global north have enriched themselves by exploiting the natural resources of the south, creating an “ecological debt.” Who is going to pay this debt? In addition, this “ecological debt” is increased when...

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