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Why engaging with COP26 matters

15 February 2021

Climate change is the continuing crisis the world is experiencing since its discovery in the early 19th century, but any global discussion at this time has to start with COVID-19. These are the two existential crises humanity faces today and the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow in November cannot be put to the side as countries come to grips to manage the pandemic. 2020 is one of the hottest three years on record and ocean heat content is at rising record levels as well, as there is no let-up, no reduction in the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In 2020 alone, fires were experienced in Australia, the Arctic, Spain, and California. Continued extreme weather events throughout Asia were reported in the World Disasters Report 2020. There was severe drought in South America, water scarcity in India, increased vulnerability of Small Island States to sea level rise, and major locust invasions in Africa, with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization describing the situation as a desert locust crisis. All of these regional crises, often viewed as temporary, demand urgent, comprehensive, and lasting local-to-global action. These crises continue to circle, undermining human resilience and the national capacity to
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The EOF Ecological Transition roadmap: Receiving Laudato Si’ with joy

2 February 2021

Xavier de Bénazé SJ The French speaking Province of Western Europe (Europe Occidentale Francophone or EOF) of the Society of Jesus shares the joy of this new step in receiving Laudato Si’ through its newest sector, the Ecological Transition apostolate. This newest apostolate and the preparation of its roadmap is a direct answer to the call to care for our common home, one of the Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs), joining the Spirit blowing through Laudato Si’ that calls for a deep ecological conversion movement. The EOF Province released seven roadmaps in November 2020 in response to the call of the UAPs. The preparation of the Ecological Transition roadmap was entrusted in 2019 by the Provincial to Brother Jérôme Gué SJ, delegate for the Social Apostolate. Brother Jérôme worked on this for a year with the small Ecojesuit team of the Province, as well as with other apostolates in the Province, particularly the Spiritual Apostolate, the Social Apostolate, the Youth Apostolate, and the Intellectual Apostolate. The Ecojesuit team of the Province has seven members: six Jesuits and one lay woman working in Centre Avec, our social center in Brussels (Centre Avec). When Brother Jérôme worked with the Provincial’s idea of a
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Sacred People, Sacred Earth: 11 March is multi-faith Day of Climate Action

GreenFaith International Network GreenFaith International Network is coming together with global partners for a multi-faith Day of Climate Action on 11 March 2021 to call for bold and immediate action on the climate crisis. The theme is Sacred People, Sacred Earth, which is shared below along with the Position Statement. We are united by...

Ecodiagnostic starts in Casa Velha

Pedro Franco I am part of a group from the Associação Casa Velha called Atravessados, in honor of the village of Vale Travesso. In Atravessados, we set ourselves to meet one weekend a month at Casa Velha. We pray together and collaborate in the mission, whether on the farm or in the local community,...

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