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Global Ignatian advocacy networks in the face of COVID-19

22 June 2020

Valeria Méndez de Vigo How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting forced migration, education, the environment and ecology, and the most vulnerable people and communities? Convened by the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat (SJES) of the Society of Jesus, the leaders of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Networks (GIAN) on the Right to Education, Migration, Ecology and Justice in Mining met virtually and discussed, among other issues, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. These global advocacy networks were established following the 35th General Congregation, which emphasized the global challenges that demanded the Society of Jesus to “act as a universal body with a universal mission.” The Society of Jesus has been working worldwide with forced migrants for many years. Their situation has been aggravated by COVID-19. The leader of GIAN-Migration, Javier Cortegoso, who coordinates the Jesuit Migrant Network in Latin America, denounces the situation in detention centres in various parts of the world, where overcrowding and deplorable conditions make it impossible to take measures to prevent contagion; the exploitation by many governments of the situation to continue the deportations of migrants without guarantees regarding their health; the abandonment of people in transit and at the border, the limitation of their access to health systems, and the increase in rejection
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Connecting voices, connecting Laudato Si’: Action 2021 (a video)

16 June 2020
Thumbnail Laudato Si' Video

The message and the voice of Laudato Si’ still continue to be a consoling message of peace for everyone, from the margins to the leaderships. Caring for our common home remains a relevant and urgent message as the world locked down from the impact of the global pandemic that laid bare more starkly the social and ecological crisis. As people lived through the virus crisis in various forms of curfews and lockdowns, far away from homes or inaccessible to their loved ones, the human voice of compassion and concern is deeply appreciated, and people are sustained in the conversations of hope at a time of great suffering. Ecojesuit shares this brief video, Connecting Voices, Connecting Laudato Si’: Action 2021, of the different voices that expressed reflections on Laudato Si’ celebrating the simplicity of life, of nature, and the deep importance of community. Ways forward and opportunities to establish a better normal are encouraging meaningful action for the common good, for the common home. These reflections and comments come from various webinars during Laudato Si’ Week and show the unity in diversity that calls us to action over the coming year. Listening to people, four steps emerged in the effort to
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Grace is the gift that is delivered by the divine breath as the words “I love you” are spoken to the “ordinary” just before we reconcile with the source of all inspiration, with ourselves, and with other wounded members of creation. (photo: S Miclat, dusk at Bendum, January 2018)

Transforming our “ordinary” homes with the gift of grace

Lindy Brasher In the beginning, our home was without form or shape, with darkness over the abyss and a mighty wind sweeping over the waters. Our home is more than the earth; our home is also our soul, our inner being. With each beginning, our spirituality is also without form or shape. The darkness...


Laudato Si’: Pope Francis’ vision for our common home and humanity

Ecojesuit shares a study article on Laudato Si’ by Thomas Karimundackal SJ for an edited book that will come out, where he tried to look at the encyclical from the perspective of Pope Francis, his vision for our common home and humanity. Abstract Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’ is a landmark document which proposes...

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