10th tUrn Climate Crisis & Awareness Action Week, Santa Clara University

10th tUrn Climate Crisis & Awareness Action Week, Santa Clara University

tUrn is an annual event for climate action at Santa Clara University (SCU) in Santa Clara, California, USA and for this year, the 10th tUrn Climate Crisis Awareness and Action Week (turn10) is held on 22 to 26 April 2024.

tUrn is an invitation to lean into the climate crisis and solutions through critical and creative experiences of interdisciplinary, intercultural, international, intergenerational dialogue, and supportive, hope-filled community-building.

tUrn invites all – artists, scientists, economists, ecologists – to shape one lecture, meeting, or event to address climate crisis during the tUrn week or attend a tUrn event. There are daily in-person events from 22 to 26 April on the SCU campus for faculty, staff, students, and approved guests. Those interested can join online  via Zoom or show up at SCU and get to know other climate active people. Specific themes for each day of tUrn10 week are:

  • 22 April – Follow the leaders
  • 23 April – Eco-anxiety, ecological politics, environmental expression, eating, and evading extinction
  • 24 April – The universal appeal of Laudato Si’ for a university, under a tree, and across continents
  • 25 April -No business like slow business
  • 26 April – Weaponized water, good markets, barnless barn dances, and blossoms beckoning

For more information, please visit tUrn10 here.


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