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A dream of a boreal ecclesial network

5 May 2021

John McCarthy SJ What does integral ecology look like in the circumpolar boreal biome? This question is rarely, if ever, asked and the answers to this are by no means apparent. Spanning the circumpolar regions of the world is one of the largest biomes on planet Earth – the boreal forest region. Holding about 30% of the global forest area (Brandt et al. 2013), this vast region stretches the length of the immense Russian taiga, across Fennoscandia, from sea to sea throughout Canada and into the Alaskan boreal forests. Dark green coniferous forests of pine, spruce, fir, and larch mix with the lighter-green deciduous forests of birch, aspen, and poplar. I have begun to dream of a boreal ecclesial network. The major tropical forest regions of the world (i.e., Amazon Basin, Congo Basin, Southeast Asia, and Oceania) have their respective ecclesial networks, with the Amazon network serving as the inspiration for the 2019 Amazon Synod. To date, a boreal ecclesial network does not exist. I crafted a presentation on a boreal ecclesial dream and presented my proposal in various fora, including the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (Canada) and various other Catholic organizations. The Amazon Synod initiated a paradigmatic
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A commitment from the Ignatian family for climate justice, COP26 and beyond

22 April 2021

The Ignatian family, with its collaborators and partners, comes together in this collective statement, Towards COP26: Advocating for Climate Justice, A Commitment from the Ignatian Family, (English | Español | Français | Italiano) to change and for change, an awakening at a time of massive global challenges that upended all spheres of human life and activities. The world stood still as the virus spread, and had to work together to respond. The climate crisis is likewise spreading as the planet warms, and COP26 in November seeks commitments from all nations and peoples to act and avert the Earth’s deterioration, resonating with the theme for Earth Day 2021: Restore our earth. Thus, this is a crucial time for a commitment by which we need to stay engaged in all discussions by integrating the different concerns that reflect the same issues. There are those who signed this document and are dealing with migration, with the raw poverty from the margins, with good governance, with economy and human development, food insecurity, health safety, biodiversity loss and protection, disaster risk reduction, and human rights for all, among many others. All these elements have a role as we are all asked to work together towards common
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Youth education for climate, preparing for a lifetime challenge

Ecojesuit shares this article originally published in Magis Americas as part of their initiative to invite different people and organizations as guest writers on specific topics. In this case, the conversation is on “climate education, the role of the youth, its understanding as a lifetime challenge and the need to focus on the process,...

Voices from the margins and the cultures for recognition and reconciliation

In a recent virtual side event to the 20th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Jason Menaling, from the Pulangiyēn community in northern Mindanao, Philippines, was asked to discuss on climate action and adaptation initiatives by Indigenous Peoples. As a voice from the margins, he shared his insights gained from his...

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