A Laudato si’ guidance map for human development and dialogue

A Laudato si’ guidance map for human development and dialogue

Photo courtesy of L’Osservatore Romano

Ecojesuit is putting up this guidance map  to the different parts of Laudato si’, the environment encyclical of Pope Francis, for readers who wish to engage with this document in terms of human development perspectives but who may not share the same faith convictions.

The guidance map is presented in this sequence: from the encyclical’s overview to chapters 3, 1, 4, 5, 6, and 2. The overview provides the context for the encyclical, while chapter 3 is where the causes of the ecological crisis are discussed. The first chapter, however, briefly summarizes the state of the world today.

Meanwhile, in chapter 4, Pope Francis highlights that nature cannot be regarded as separate from people, or a mere setting in which we live. He also advocates in chapter 5 the significance of dialogue and the need for a change of direction.

Some practical and pastoral guidance to care for the environment and people are provided in chapter 6. Lastly, he outlines the contribution of religious beliefs and faith traditions to an integral ecology and human development in chapter 2.

We are opening up a way to engage with people who are in development professions and practitioners who reckon with sustainable development in their work activities. We want to respond to the interest to read Laudato si’ not in its entirety yet want to get to the substance that affects daily lives and work.

Laudato si’ is also sustaining a dialogue with other religions that reflects its plurality as a common document and allows us work as global citizens while acknowledging our religious or national identities. The encyclical also overcomes suspicions of others with reasoned and compassionate dialogue.

We hope that you find this useful as we struggle to respond to the call for action in caring and praising our common home through an integral ecology and contributing to a quality of public life and dialogue.



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