Bioyantar, a small global project

Bioyantar, a small global project

Pedro Piedra

In the city center of Valladolid in Spain, under a dome-shaped architecture – casual image of our globe – we tried to recreate the idea of the world to which we aspire.  Under the name of Bioyantar, (yantar is an old Spanish word that means to eat), we gather stands with organic farming products, exhibitions and workshops for people with disabilities, information stands of fair trade organizations and a haima, a tent in which Arab women offer their most exquisite and artisanal sweets, tasting of organic food stuff novelties, and a large representation of civil society movements.

More than a fair, Bioyantar is a call to our entire society, a definitive first call to understand that life is to be regarded as a beautiful joint project, as a community.  Our planet is shouting to us with a voice, that although weak, is firm.  It says that we have to live differently.  We have to change our relationship with nature that is stressed by climate change and exhausted by overuse.  It is a call to change human behaviour that still accepts values and promote actions that often generate discrimination, hunger, war, and suffering.

That our world recovers its breath means that we should look for a more respectful relationship with the environment, which cannot be just a place for business but an area in which we can receive as much as we give.

Societies should renounce all inhumanity that are accepted without questioning and radically promote more fraternal relations with other people, especially with those that we consider weakest because of their psychological or physical handicaps or because they are viewed differently.  Together we must contribute to build a different future that can include us all.  The salvation of human beings in any form conceivable hereafter, must be proposed as a global challenge, as an urgent task that calls us all, that requires all of us.

Bioyantar aims to deliver in two days, physically, a sense of the world we want to build.  A world in which people of different capacities – physical, psychological – will contribute their skills, and where those who come from outside are welcomed as equals.  For those living and working away, they will receive our support and our gratitude through equitable trade relations in which the land appreciates our work, giving us pure fruits from an agriculture committed to an ecological balance and where friends gather to make new plans to promote solidarity.

Bioyantar is an attempt – perhaps not as utopia – in which we all have a place.  We are all needed in it and each will contribute according to their ability and will receive according to his need.

We start to form our commitment with agroecology but for us this concept does not refer only to an outdoor ecology.  It includes healthy relationships with nature through agriculture, but also an inner ecology as essential as the other and similarly, avoids the chemicals that produce hate, resentment, exploitation, and lack of solidarity.


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