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Call for papers on leadership for resiliency by the Journal of Management for Global Sustainability

31 May 2015

The Journal of Management for Global Sustainability is now accepting full manuscripts for its special issue on leadership for resiliency, a key concept, capacity, and skill much needed in managing a world that must include and uplift and not exclude and exploit.



The challenges brought about by climate change, political dynamics, globalization, and other emerging social problems in today’s world calls for greater capacities in resilient leadership to diagnose and intervene and to create system adaptations that can anticipate, prepare, adapt, and learn.

Topics of special interest include:

  1.  Accelerating the growth of leaders’ capacities to intervene in advancing system resiliency
  2. Engaging stakeholders to organize and mobilize in pre-, during and post- disaster responses
  3. Cultivating inter-local and local-global support networks toward efficiency of disaster anticipation, preparation, and response
  4. Translating knowledge to scalable action in the context of resiliency
  5. Learning from successful examples of developing and benefiting from the existence of effective levels of resiliency and from unsuccessful situations where resiliency was inadequate.

This peer-reviewed journal publishes original research in the fields of management and global sustainability, including articles on how productive enterprises contribute to achieve global sustainability is socially just, spiritually-rich, and sustaining of all species. Submissions of manuscripts, theoretical work, empirical studies, book reviews, or pedagogical tools that contribute to the academic understanding of the role of management in achieving global sustainability are welcome.

The deadline for full manuscript submission is 30 November 2015 and authors can get in touch with James Stoner ([email protected]), Wilfred Manuela, Jr ([email protected]), or Elmer Soriano ([email protected]). Early conversations or abstracts of up to 250 words about possible paper topics are encouraged.

Further information is available in the journal’s call for papers .

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  1. rene andres on 6 November 2015 at 3:45 pm

    My name is Rene Andres Meziat and i will like to have your information in my email thanks a lot

    • sylvia on 8 November 2015 at 10:23 pm

      Dear Mr Rene Andres Meziat

      Thank you for taking interest to subscribe to Ecojesuit. Kindly click on the subscription box on the homepage of Ecojesuit, and instructions will be provided for a two-step process of subscription to ensure that your subscription is managed well.

      Much thanks and we look forward to opportunities for sharing your work and experiences in Ecojesuit!

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