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Mining in Australia: A balanced and informed conversation needed

15 February 2013
Minerales y proyectos de energía, listado de abril de 2011. Foto det: Oficina australiana de agricultura y economía de recursos y ciencias, Departamento de agricultura, pesca y silvicultura, el Gobierno australiano

Scholastic Justin Glyn, SJ The role of mining in Australia is a complex one. Western Australia, in particular, is rich in iron ore while there are significant deposits of natural gas, gold, coal, uranium, opals, lead, and zinc scattered across the country. Mining and exporting these minerals are extremely lucrative.  According to the Australian...
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Environment and aesthetics

31 January 2013
ESSC published Decline of the Philippine Forest, a map publication that explained and visually depicted the forest shrinkage from 1900 to 1999, with two possible scenarios 10 years after: maintaining current forest cover or further decline, depending on the actions that Philippine society will commit to do. Foto de: ESSC, 1999

T.P. The variety of colours, mentalities, and languages that the Catholic Church as a plural and global community unites in itself, finds its counterpart on an environmental ethics level in a manifold diversity of theoretical and practical approaches to ecological questions. There is one remarkable contribution to this polyphony and is celebrating in these...
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Environmental governance: Towards “local cosmopolitism”

15 January 2013
Jóvenes en la aldea de las tierras altas en Mindanao, Filipinas, discutir las acciones que tienen que hacer para ayudar a la regeneración natural de sus bosques. Foto det: ESSC

Giacomo Costa, SJ and Chiara Tintori Before hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast at the end of October, environmental issues were not particularly relevant in the electoral campaign for the White House, as they were considered an obstacle to the main target of a rapid economic recovery.  Yet another proof that all that...
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Reconciliation with creation and international networking for advocacy

31 December 2012
Jesuitas y colaboradores laicos en noviembre de 2008 en Madrid, España, en el Taller de Incidencia Ignaciana donde se definieron cinco áreas temáticas: migraciones, ecología, gobernanza de recursos naturales y minerales, educación y derechos humanos. Foto de:

Christina Kheng “The environment will be healed as we ourselves are healed.”  This could perhaps be a thought-provoking statement to ponder upon as we enter the holy season of Advent and also the Year of Faith.  In our reflections on this topic, we see by now that reconciliation with creation has a lot to...
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Linking climate change and moral judgements

15 December 2012
SEstado del Clima Análisis Global, Octubre de 2012. Foto de:

Stephen Rooney “As climate change fails to generate strong moral intuitions, it does not motivate an urgent need for action in the way that other moral imperatives do.” Whilst there is consensus among the science community pertaining to the reality and extent of rapid anthropogenic climate change and the necessity of urgent action to...
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Lessons in storm surge and Sandy’s politics

30 November 2012
Hace dos años se propuso que los arrecifes de ostras en la bahía de New York se convirtieran en una barrera natural para detener tormentas. Foto de: Kate Orff

Pedro Walpole, SJ with scientific contribution from Wendy Clavano Tropical cyclone Sandy killed 71 people when it blew through Haiti and Cuba last October.  In Haiti, over 370,000 people are still in tent cities since the January 2010 earthquake and the recent droughts and now floods have destroyed crops, compounding the problems.  Even if...
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Moving the ecological agenda: An emerging commitment to water

15 November 2012
El misionero jesuita actividad en la región de los Grandes Lagos de América del Norte, con nuevas culturas y paisajes de los que podemos aprender hoy. Foto de: Pedro Walpole

Jose Ignacio Garcia, SJ After GC35, the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat (SJES) of the Curia in Rome created a working group that wrote a document entitled: Healing a Broken World (HBW).  The intention was to explore the third decree of GC35 on the need for “reconciliation with creation.” HBW aimed to make this...
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Engaging the substance of the world: How do our youth learn today?

30 October 2012
Practicando lo que predicas: Rehabilitación del Lago en la Universidad Loyola y el centro de Ecología (LUREC) en Woodstock, Illinois, USA.

Pedro Walpole, SJ The right to education is recognized worldwide as essential to every community and to the interrelations of a just global village.  Part of that education calls for scientific understanding of the challenges and concerns we face in our environment today.  This includes the challenge to develop textbooks followed by the challenge...
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The World Food Day 2012

15 October 2012

The World Food Day aims to draw attention each year on the dramatic reality of millions of people worldwide without access to adequate food.  The celebration of this day coincides with the publication of the report of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation entitled The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012 and...
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Europe cannot not act: Adapting to climate change

30 September 2012
La adaptación reduce la vulnerabilidad al cambio climático, los beneficios brutos son el daño que se evita, el beneficio neto son los daños evitados menos los costes de adaptación. Foto de: Del Informe Stern: The Economics of Climate Change (Part V, Chapter 18, Figure 18.1, p 405)

Stephen Rooney There is no time like the present to discuss the issues surrounding adaptation to climate change.  With the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2014–2020 currently being negotiated, and with the European Commission working on an EU adaptation strategy which is anticipated to be published in March 2013, the publication of an issue paper...
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