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EU’s pursuit of an effective water policy

30 June 2013

Stephen N Rooney As a vital resource for life, the importance of water cannot be understated. The European Union (EU) has been proactive in its assessment, deliberation and implementation of policy relating to the issue of water, and few in public office have been more attentive to the challenges facing Europe than the European...
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Conflict minerals in DRC: An interview with Ferdinand Muhigirwa, SJ

15 June 2013

Professor Ferdinand Muhigirwa , SJ was interviewed by Ecojesuit on conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Professor Muhigirwa is currently the Managing Director of the Arupe Research and Training Center in Lumbashi, DRC. “Conflict minerals” is an expression that comes out of the Dodd-Frank (Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection) Act, a...
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Reconciling with Creation, Source Book

31 May 2013

Mariel de Jesus For more than 20 years, people in Asia have been involved from the local to the global level, in their concern and action for the environment. In the last three years, Jesuit people have been involved in a serious discourse and commitment to strengthen the relationship of faith and gratitude for...
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Local witness and global awareness

30 April 2013
Recogiendo leña en la estación de lluvias, Myanmar. Foto de: FAO

For the Jesuits, local witness and global awareness are calling many individuals, and the Society of Jesus as a whole, to do new work on the front lines of the ecological crisis. This work looks very different at times. Fr. Amalraj Chinnapan helps communities in Myanmar to find housing and restore their livelihoods after cyclones...
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Sustainability science from the mountains: The Bendum Ecology and Culture Center in Mindanao, Philippines

31 March 2013
Limpieza de los árboles de Bendum a ser utilizados en el momento de albañilería de la escuela y la nueva siembra de especies autóctonas de la comunidad, que aún está a la espera de derechos de uso de la tierra final. Foto de: P Walpole

Pedro Walpole, SJ Rio+20 concluded with a loose package of commitments for action and agreement by world leaders for achieving the “future we want” – that is for all.  Civil society is called to take up a participative role in this though the process is not clear.  Many agree that sustainable development goals must...
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Water and ethics

15 March 2013
Desde la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos. Foto de: Water Spouts

Jose Ignacio Garcia, SJ At our last meeting of the Ignatian Advocacy Network on Ecology in November 2012, we decided to focus the next two or three years on the issue of water.  Of course, each centre involved and those who can join the network in the future will maintain their own priorities, but...
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If you want peace, protect creation

28 February 2013

Jose Ignacio Garcia, SJ The legacy for which Pope Benedict XVI will be remembered will undoubtedly include his attentiveness to ecological and environmental problems.  So far it had been a minor issue in the teaching of the Catholic Church but under Benedict XVI, it has become a central issue owing to his moral and...
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Mining in Australia: A balanced and informed conversation needed

15 February 2013
Minerales y proyectos de energía, listado de abril de 2011. Foto det: Oficina australiana de agricultura y economía de recursos y ciencias, Departamento de agricultura, pesca y silvicultura, el Gobierno australiano

Scholastic Justin Glyn, SJ The role of mining in Australia is a complex one. Western Australia, in particular, is rich in iron ore while there are significant deposits of natural gas, gold, coal, uranium, opals, lead, and zinc scattered across the country. Mining and exporting these minerals are extremely lucrative.  According to the Australian...
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Environment and aesthetics

31 January 2013
ESSC published Decline of the Philippine Forest, a map publication that explained and visually depicted the forest shrinkage from 1900 to 1999, with two possible scenarios 10 years after: maintaining current forest cover or further decline, depending on the actions that Philippine society will commit to do. Foto de: ESSC, 1999

T.P. The variety of colours, mentalities, and languages that the Catholic Church as a plural and global community unites in itself, finds its counterpart on an environmental ethics level in a manifold diversity of theoretical and practical approaches to ecological questions. There is one remarkable contribution to this polyphony and is celebrating in these...
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Environmental governance: Towards “local cosmopolitism”

15 January 2013
Jóvenes en la aldea de las tierras altas en Mindanao, Filipinas, discutir las acciones que tienen que hacer para ayudar a la regeneración natural de sus bosques. Foto det: ESSC

Giacomo Costa, SJ and Chiara Tintori Before hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast at the end of October, environmental issues were not particularly relevant in the electoral campaign for the White House, as they were considered an obstacle to the main target of a rapid economic recovery.  Yet another proof that all that...
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