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Greening the proposed EU budget 2014-2020

19 March 2012
Foto de: European Commission

The European Commission (EC) is in the midst of the negotiations for the new budget that will cover the period 2014 to 2020 and one of the most interesting proposals is to devote at least 20% of the €1 trillion budget to climate-related actions.  Behind this move is the well-known and strong personality, Connie...
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A call for environmental protection and good governance in post-disaster response

29 February 2012

Ecojesuit features the homily titled “Bangon! (Rise!) Cagayan de Oro” by Archbishop Antonio J Ledesma, SJ of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro in northern Mindanao, Philippines for our editorial.  Archbishop Ledesma shared his letter during a mass last 13 February 2012, opening the two-day Bishops’ and Diocesan Clergy of Mindanao’s Forum on “Typhoon...
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Reconciliation with Creation and how we can help

17 February 2012
Pedro Walpole con el Obispo Julianus Kemo Sunarko, SJ de la Diócesis de Purwokerto en Indonesia.

Pedro Walpole shares on Catholic social teachings as these relate to the context of human development and natural ecology, and their integration.  He shares nine basic points for consideration on Reconciliation with Creation with Catholic professionals and professors in the Diocese of Purwokerto, Indonesia, with Bishop Julianus Kemo Sunarko, SJ. Wherever we look in...
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Planning for disasters and risk reduction

18 January 2012
La mañana después de pasar el tifón por  Cagayan de Oro City, norte de Mindanao, Filipinas. Foto de: Pedro Walpole

The sun shines brightly for the Philippines in the New Year, but not without occasional killer rains.  Over 60,000 people are recovering their lives from the damage of Typhoon Sendong (international Washi).  We are recovering from the awareness not taking root in action to reduce the risk.  We are faced with the question of...
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Environmental ethics in school: What can religious education contribute to sustainable development?

16 December 2011
Foto de: Banco Mundial

Simone Birkel “Environmental protection should become a subject in school,” Greenpeace requires in one of its recent news publications in Germany.  As much as I support this demand, and the discussion about integrating environmental ethics in religious education, the question of whether education alone can achieve the necessary social change towards a sustainable lifestyle...
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Climate change and conflict

24 November 2011
Cities at low-elevation coastal zones. Photo Credit:

The Pentagon and other military establishments have long recognised climate change as a “threat multiplier” with the potential to escalate existing conflicts and create new disputes as food, water, and arable land become increasingly scarce. In 2007, under British presidency, the UN Security Council held a session  to assess the security impacts of climate...
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Multilingual education

24 October 2011
Indigenous school children, APC, Bendum, Philippines. Photo Credit: APC

Pedro Walpole, SJ In a global world, 329 million speak Spanish, 328 million speak English, and around 1.2 billion speak Chinese languages (Source – Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 2009).  For Asia at least, English is the way to go.  India and Philippines are ahead as they learned English from colonial times and in...
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Jesuit response to environmental and ecological challenges: healing a broken world

20 September 2011
2011_09_Editorial_ Photo1

In the time leading up to the General Congregation (GC) 35, there was much excitement about how the supreme governing body of the Society of Jesus would treat the subject of ecology.  The GC 34 (1995) recognized its importance but did not come to discuss the issue and asked Father General to study it...
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Asian Jesuits and partners meet on the environment

18 August 2011
Banks of the Mekong.

Jesuits and friends from all over Asia Pacific met along the banks of the Mekong to bring together two very clear experiences.  First is that of gratitude for all life and of wonder for the Mekong River and the life in it and along its banks, and second is the call to act.  We...
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India’s massive land scam: An interview with Dr. Walter Fernandes

18 July 2011
Villagers protest vs the Union Environment Ministry conditional clearance to steel giant Posco in Patana village, Jagatsinghpur, Orissa (February 2011).  Photo credits: By PTI –

Land grabbing in Orissa, on the east coast of India, started in July 1991 after liberalization, and will be its 20th anniversary this July. There was much land acquisition before liberalization, the background of which was the debt crisis of the first Gulf War in Iraq. The economy was opened up without any preparation...
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