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Tackling aircraft carbon emissions

15 November 2012
Foto de: Conferencia de Naciones Unidas sobre Desarrollo Sostenible en 2012

Stephen Rooney New developments in the trans-continental feud are emerging as a result of the expansion of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to include domestic and international airlines operating out of EU airports. This resulted in eight carriers from China and two from India refusing to report their 2011 carbon emissions, defying...
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A forest in Israel to remember Cardinal Martini

30 October 2012
Lago Tiberiades (también lago de Galilea, Kinneret, Lago de Genesaret). Foto de: KKL

Enrico Casale A forest on the shores of Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) in northern Israel will remember Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, an Italian Jesuit, and his commitment to dialogue with the Jewish world. The idea was launched by Rabbi Giuseppe Laras, Chief Rabbi of Milan at the time in which the cardinal was...
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Bioyantar, a small global project

15 October 2012

Pedro Piedra In the city center of Valladolid in Spain, under a dome-shaped architecture – casual image of our globe – we tried to recreate the idea of the world to which we aspire.  Under the name of Bioyantar, (yantar is an old Spanish word that means to eat), we gather stands with organic...
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Jesuit Companions in Indigenous Ministry: Around a fire that enkindles our hearts

30 September 2012
Vista aerea del rio Mekong que atraviesa la ciudad de Ho Chi Minh. Foto de: Pedro Walpole

Jojo Fung, SJ From Australia, East Timor, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, the Jesuit Companions in Indigenous Ministry (JCIM) gathered at Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 20 to 24 September to reflect on our communal experience of accompaniment and formation of the indigenous communities in the light of GC 34, D....
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The Church of France goes green

15 September 2012
Foto de:

Sébastien Carcelle, SJ A statement on “Environmental Issues and Challenges for the Future” (Enjeux et défis écologiques pour l’avenir) , published last spring by the French Conference of Bishops, gives an idea about the ongoing gradual “greening” of the Church of France. As a result of two years of reflection, the text makes it...
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Think greenly, act locally: Go Green course for Jesuit scholastics in Jakarta, Indonesia

31 August 2012
Deforestacion en la isla de Sumatra, Indonesia. Foto de:

Sch Billy Aryo Nugroho, SJ “The effort to promote a green and clean environment can be initiated by a simple action in our daily life,” said Fr Andang Listya Binawan, SJ during a “Go Green” course he gave to Jesuit scholastics last 21 to 22 July.  The course was held in Johar Baru Residence,...
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Ignatian Eco Retreat in India, November 2012

14 August 2012
Sawantwadi, la casa de retiros está situada a orillas de un hermoso lago cerca de Goa junto a la línea de ferrocarril de Konkan. El lago y las verdes colinas que lo rodean hacen del lugar un sitio especial para el encuentro con Dios a través de la naturaleza.

Rappai Poothokaren, SJ An eco retreat is planned for Jesuits to experience and relish the presence of the Lord in His creation.  It would follow the Ignatian approach to God’s creation and our relationship with Him in Nature.  Robert Athickal, SJ, who has been initiating a “new Cosmology for our Times” for more than...
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Jesuits in Asia Pacific 2012

16 July 2012
Foto de: JCAP

The Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) released last month its annual report Jesuits in Asia Pacific 2012, highlighting developments in the four common priority areas across the Conferences: formation, education, environment, and migration. Fr Mark Raper, SJ, JCAP President, provides a brief overview of JCAP’s activities and priorities, and the demands that are...
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Jesuits and friends celebrate Creation

30 June 2012
Patxi Álvarez, SJ sharing a few words during the celebration.  Photo by: Jaime Tatay, SJ

Franclim Brito, SJ In order to give thanks to God for the activities took place here in Rio de Janeiro, Jesuits and colleagues gathered at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) do Rio de Janeiro in the evening of 21st June. Amidst the pleasant outdoor environment and rich biodiversity of the University campus, Jesuits and...
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Sustainability in a new Jesuit school in Malawi

14 June 2012
Estudiantes de quinto grado de Nuestra San Escuela primaria de Parroquia de Joseph Jesuit en Kasungu, Malawi visitan el área de la futura el colegio de secundarias Loyola. Foto de: LJSS

Peter Henriot, SJ Sustainability – in both its material and ethical dimensions – is especially concerned with the future.  And who should be more concerned about the future than the youth – the young women and men of today who are the hope of the future?  That is why education, in whatever form it...
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