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South Asian ECOJESUIT MEET 2012: A Report

16 April 2012
Participantes del encuantro ECOJESUIT en Tarumitra Patna, Marzo 2012.

Rappai Poothokaren, SJ In the ‘90s, ecology, environment, global warming were words hardly known, little heard, and scarcely present in the Jesuit consciousness, or for that matter, of the world.  Fr KM Mathew, SJ, a noted scientist in botany and a visionary who passed away in 2004, organized an Assistancy level meeting of Jesuits...
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Ecological focus in the Archdiocese of Jakarta, Indonesia

30 March 2012
Las mujeres producen artesanías de residuos reciclados. Foto de: HIDUP

Greg Soetomo, SJ It was during SAGKI (Sidang Agung Gereja Katolik Indonesia or Grand Assembly of the Catholic Church of Indonesia) 2005 that environmental awareness and taking action to prevent ecological destruction, among others, were recommended as main concerns of the Church since that year. The SAGKI prompted the Archdiocese of Jakarta to respond...
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Storm water strategies for improved land management and green roofs at Saint Joseph’s University, USA

19 March 2012
Azotea verde experimental sobre el techo del Centro de Ciencias SJU. Foto de: Universidad de San José

A technical workshop on land management to address built environments and developed and natural lands, especially focusing on storm water strategies, was held 6 March 2012 at the Campion Student Center at Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  The workshop focused on sustainability techniques for professionals and students involved in land management....
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Lenten Carbon Fast: Acting here and now

29 February 2012
Ayuno de Carbono en Cuaresma 2012 banderas izadas fuera de la Iglesia de San Miguel en Munich, Alemania. Foto de:

Izai Amorim Our environmental problems keep growing because not enough people get involved in trying to solve them.  Getting involved means adopting new lifestyles that are good for the environment, the climate, and the people themselves – and then inspiring others to do the same.  As consumers, voters, and members of society we can...
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Sustainability officer course for green campus management in Asia Pacific

17 February 2012
Facultad y Personal de la Universidad de Sanata Dharma y ATMI-Solo en Indonesia diseñando el curso, Enero de 2012. Foto de: Sanata Dharma University/ATMI-Solo

As a response to the GC35 Jesuit mission on ecology, Jesuit schools and institutes in Asia Pacific are developing a Sustainability Officer (SO) Course for campus managers and ecology administrators in the region.  This is also part of the green campus agenda defined last year by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific and the...
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The Storybook Effect at Jesuit Service Cambodia

18 January 2012

The Storybook Effect is part of the education program at the Jesuit Service Cambodia, producing storybooks for children which are then distributed to mobile libraries throughout rural villages in different provinces in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kampong Speu, Kampong Chhnang, Siem Reap, Battambang, Sisophon, and other areas. Recently, the latest storybook was...
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UNESCO initiatives in global networking of schools and MLE for sustainable development

16 December 2011
Foto de: UNESCO

Mariel de Jesus In 1953, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) launched the Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) as a global network of more than 9,000 educational institutions in 180 countries.  The ASPnet promotes UNESCO’s objective of Education for All with a specific focus on ensuring that both young people and adults...
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Growing a green campus

16 December 2011
Estudiantes  separando residuos en la Universidad Xavier-CDO. Foto de:

Iris Legal Growing a green campus is a new frontier for many Jesuit education institutions.  From Healing A Broken World (HBW), the recommendations initially focus on Jesuit lifestyle and institutions, with the first recommendation as a good starting point that “Jesuit communities and apostolic works are invited to discern the management of our own...
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A consumption model from France and Belgium points the way ahead: Community-supported agriculture

24 November 2011
El grupo de compra solidaria de Neder-Over-Heembeek. Foto de:

Claire Wiliquet In a globalised economy, the chain between production and consumption is increasingly lengthened, so that the centres of decision-making become increasingly distant from most people.  Conventional purchasing groups which provide supermarkets with agricultural products grow significantly, creating monopolies that allow them to decide what happens, what will be sold and bought and...
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Earth healing and reclaiming the commons

24 October 2011
Photo Credit: Earth Healing

Al Fritsch, SJ Our website Earth Healing, sponsored by the Kentucky Jesuit Mission, shares the electronic third draft of Reclaiming the Commons, a book that draws its inspiration and dedication from remarks by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007 that, “the world’s wealth and resources do not belong to the select few; they also belong...
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