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Climate Change Debate Rises with Pakistan Floods

15 August 2010
Some Pakistani children sharing the view from a makeshift bed after massive floods swept away their home. (Photo Credit:Shabbir Hussain Imam/IPS)

"If this is not God’s wrath, what is?" 40-year-old taxi driver Bakht Zada said of the massive floods in Pakistan that have swept away his life earnings. Speaking to IPS from Madyan city in Swat district in north-western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Zada might pin the blame for Pakistan’s worst floods in 80 years on forces...
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Creation at the Heart of Mission

15 July 2010

Two hundred and forty persons from 82 religious institutes, 57 countries and five continents gathered in Assisi from 12-16 May 2009. “Creation at the Heart of Mission” was jointly sponsored by SEDOS and the JPIC Commission of the USIG/USG where both religious and lay collaborators were led by theologians Séan McDonagh and Denis Edwards...
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Gulf Oil Spill

15 July 2010

As the Gulf oil spill of April 20, 2010, continues unabated (as of May 31), the spill is a massive, unimagined, and unprecedented environmental disaster. Although scientists debate the exact amount of oil leaking at the base of the accident site and are uncertain about the exact depth and width of the spill, the...
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