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The entry into force of the Paris Agreement in COP22 Marrakech

15 October 2016
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Paula Sendín Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) gave their consent to the ratification of the Paris Agreement on 4 October 2016, a significant move to enter into force the first global pact against global warming.  A few days before, on 30 September, the EU environment ministers agreed to ratify the Agreement through a...
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Justice in Mining: Protecting human rights and the environment

30 September 2016

Justice in Mining  is a Global Ignatian Advocacy Network that works to protect human rights and the environment, and seeks to ensure mining only occurs where issues of equity and sustainability are addressed. Its new website, launched on 31 July 2016, Feast Day of Saint Ignatius, builds on its Facebook  presence, and is part...
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Season of Creation 2016: Mercy and care for our common home

15 September 2016

Pope Francis established the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation  in the Catholic Church last year.  Celebrated on 1 September every year, this event unites the Catholic Church with the Orthodox Church that started to celebrate this event since 1989.  Many other Christian churches have joined since then. The theme of...
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A call to dialogue on the sustainability of life

31 July 2016

An opportunity to reflect, discuss, and explore actions to respond to the sustainability of life across several ministries in the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP) is offered through a conference titled A Call to Dialogue on the Sustainability of Life in the ASEAN Context at the Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta on 8 to...
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In defense of, and dying for, the environment

15 July 2016
Una vez recibido el Premio Ambiental Goldman 2015, Berta Cáceres (1973-2016) compartió que “dar la vida en diversas formas para la protección de los ríos es dar la vida por el bienestar de la humanidad y del planeta.”  Fue asesinada un año más tarde. Foto de:

On Dangerous Ground  is the latest report from Global Witness  that documented 185 murders of people defending their land, forests, and rivers in 16 countries in 2015 alone, “by far the highest annual death toll on record and more than double the number of journalists killed in the same period.” “Latin America is the...
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From carbon challenges to community gardens, living and taking action on Laudato si’

30 June 2016
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The Ignatian Solidarity Network and the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States worked collaboratively to create a listing of how Jesuit ministries responded to Laudato si’ since its release last year.  Jesuit institutions are taking stock of their response to the pope’s rallying cry to care for our common home and every...
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CLC’s Progressio Supplement #72: Caring for creation

31 May 2016

The Ecology Commission of Christian Life Community (CLC) developed Progressio Supplement #72: Caring for Creation that focused on matters of ecology and environmental concerns, and stands as CLC’s contribution to the ongoing action in the ecology frontier, one of the priorities of the Lebanon World Assembly. The CLC discussion on the theme of ecology...
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A call to share transformed lifestyles for action

30 April 2016
«À l’échelle mondiale, des millions de personnes vulnérables connaissent la faim et une pauvreté grandissantes en raison des sécheresses et des inondations comme conséquence d’un phénomène climatique: El Niño.  Ce phénomène n’est pas un événement météorologique isolé, mais un motif climatique qui se produit tous les deux à sept ans et dure 9-12 mois.  Cet événement particulier est l’un des plus graves dans un demi-siècle et le plus fort El Niño depuis 1997/1998, qui avait tué environ 21.000 personnes et a causé des dommages aux infrastructures jusqu’à une valeur de 36 milliards de $.»

Jesuits and work colleagues in the Asia Pacific region are gathering at the Culture and Ecology Center in Bendum, Bukidnon in the Philippines for a three-day environmental reflection workshop from 6 to 10 June 2016 to discuss and share how transformed lifestyles are moving a more meaningful and effective response to environmental and social...
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Living witness to Laudato Si’

29 February 2016
La création de Dieu dans toute sa splendeur, capturé par Pierre à 09h58, à jamais dans l'émerveillement. Crédit photo:

It was an extraordinary discovery eight months after a freak avalanche on the glacier of Armancette led to the deaths of 22-year old twin brothers, Pierre and Charles, mountain lovers and experienced mountaineers returning from a hiking tour through the Dômes de Miages in the Mont Blanc Massif on the morning of 24 December...
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Ecology and hope, a formation path to ecology and theology

15 January 2016
Les jeunes participants aux activités de l'Écologie et Espérance offerts par La Plateforme & Co

Xavier de Benaze, SJ La plateforme and Co  is a youth apostolate activity launched during the school year 2013-2014 in Paris by the French Jesuits and aims to integrate different Jesuit youth ministry initiatives in Paris and also to promote new ones. Twenty young people then gathered and asked themselves “What do we do...
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