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Sustainability, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and the ecological turn of the Catholic Church

16 November 2020

Jaime Tatay Nieto SJ On the fifth anniversary of the promulgation of the encyclical letter Laudato Si’ by Pope Francis (2015), a recent article published in the journal Religions on Sustainability, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and the Catholic Church’s Ecological Turn analyzes how environmental issues and sustainability concerns were integrated into Christian social thought over the past...
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Promoting training and awareness on climate change adaptation in Macaronesia

21 October 2020

Radio ECCA is a distance and online adult education center that the Jesuits founded and supported by the Canary Islands Government. Radio ECCA implements different activities on climate change education and awareness campaigns in Macaronesia, composed of the Azores, Madeira, and Canaries islands in the north Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Europe and Africa....
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New coordinator of Reconciliation with Creation in JCAP

5 October 2020

Ecojesuit welcomes the new coordinator of the Reconciliation with Creation network at the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP), and in this brief JCAP video, Fr Gabby shares his continuing relationship with ecological concerns and communities affected as he leads the Ecology Program at Jesuit Service Cambodia and in his new role in JCAP. I am Gabriel Lamug-Nañawa....
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An integral ecology and sustainability program at Comillas Pontifical University

16 September 2020

Heike Pintor Pirzkall Faced with a growing concern for the protection of the environment and in line with the objectives of the Comillas Pontifical University’s strategic plan and the Pope’s Laudato Si’, the Integral Ecology and Sustainability Program was created in September 2019 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to inform and...
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tUrn Climate Weeks: What role does the artist play in climate action?

3 September 2020
tUrn Climate Weeks: What role does the artist play in climate action?

Brex Arevalo For contemporary dance and theatre artist Kristin Kusanovich, going into climate action from the arts is a “natural leap” as great art has the power to move people into action and artists are critical in creatively communicating climate science and inspiring change. As a theater and dance senior lecturer in Santa Clara...
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Youth along the Thailand-Myanmar border take action in caring for the environment

13 August 2020

Rosalyn Students from Kayah State, Myanmar and from the refugee camp in Mae Hong Son, Thailand recently joined an online youth exchange forum on World Refugee Day and shared actions that they can do towards caring for the environment. The online activity was organized by Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)-Myanmar in collaboration with Karenni National...
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Amazonize yourself: An invitation, a call, and an opportunity to express solidarity with the forest and with the peoples of the region

7 August 2020

The Episcopal Commission for the Amazon of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops (Confêrencia Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil or CNBB) in partnership with other ecclesial and civil society organizations launched Amazoniza-te (Amazonize yourself), an awareness and care campaign for the Amazon on 27 July. The campaign takes place at a time when the...
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Reviving agroecology and solidarity in building a new normal

22 July 2020

Raiza Javier How do we build back from a global health crisis that exposed deeply rooted sufferings long endured by the poor? How do we get out of a pandemic that bared a chronic disease in the prevailing economic system? The answer, according to environmentalists, lies in the way we cultivate the earth, our...
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Perspectives on global justice and fixing the ecological mess

2 July 2020

Charles Chilufya SJ Human beings are dramatically changing the surface conditions on planet Earth at an accelerating rate. One key aspect of this is pollution. Our emissions of particles (PM2.5or fine particulate matter 2.5 that is an air pollutant) and ozone (O3) air pollution at ground level cause massive damage through breathing, which already...
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European Laudato Si’ Alliance: Promoting Laudato Si’ in Europe

19 June 2020

The Laudato Si’ encyclical is affecting people in very different ways. A number of people working in different Catholic Church institutions and organizations in Europe found themselves working together on the promotion of this encyclical. During the past two years, they organized a Laudato Si’ Reflection Day which was hosted bythe Commission of the...
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