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Jesuit students want to be part of the broader, sustainable movement in fossil fuel divestment

15 October 2016

Anthony Rizzi I am part of DIVEST Loyola and the Loyola Association of Students for Sustainability and when we worked together with different on-campus and off-campus organizations to create the first ever Earth Week celebration at Loyola New Orleans this year, I wondered how great it would be if all Jesuit institutions somehow worked...
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CERED: Contributing to research for sustainable development in DR Congo

30 September 2016
La investigación en el CERED se centra en el impacto del cambio climático en Kinshasa. Foto de: CERED

The Center for Research and Sustainable Development Communication (Centre de Recherche et de Communication pour le Développement Durable or CERED)  is a recently established interdisciplinary research center in Loyola University of Congo (Université Loyola du Congo in French) in Kimwenza in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo). CERED is part of the...
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Seattle University’s efforts in campus sustainability and working for environmental justice

15 September 2016
Foto de:

The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability (CEJS) at Seattle University welcomed 160 participants at its recently held 2nd biennial Just Sustainability Conference that offered an opportunity for academics and practitioners to share ideas and discuss solutions to shared sustainability challenges.  Participants included faculty, staff, and students, grassroots activists and non-profit organizations, and representatives from agencies...
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Young EarthKeepers at Saint Aloysius’ College, Milson’s Point

15 August 2016
Peter Hosking, SJ, Rector of Saint Aloysius’ College-Milson’s Point with some of the Year 3 students during the EarthKeepers training.

It was an amazing experience for Year 3 students of Saint Aloysius’ College Milson’s Point in Australia who joined last May 2016 the North Sydney EarthKeepers Program, developed by Virginia Cobb, a Year 6 teacher, and Alex Moors, a parent member of Saint Aloysius’ Sustainability Committee, with a lot of assistance from Helen Eggelton...
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Building back better and capacity strengthening in disaster preparedness with Xavier Network

31 July 2016
Funcionarios del gobierno local de Hernani, Samar Oriental, revisan un mapa de peligro de mareas de tempestad y las ubicaciones de las casas con el personal de investigación ESSC Dallay Annawi y Jericó Espada (más a la derecha)

Xavier Network is providing critical assistance to Jesuit efforts in post-disaster response in the Philippines.  Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan  and the Environmental Science for Social Change are Jesuit organizations under the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus undertaking disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities with communities and local governments. One of the discussions during the...
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Students write about the environmental challenges in Asturias

15 July 2016
Parque Nacional de Picos de Europa es una Reserva de la Biosfera por la UNESCO desde 2002 y está situado entre las regiones de Asturias, Cantabria y León, en la Cordillera Cantábrica, en el norte de España. Foto de:

On the occasion of the release of the encyclical Laudato si’ at the Colegio Santo Ángel de la Guarda  in Gijón, Asturias in Spain, a course on environmental ethics was taught and intended to address crucial questions for understanding the care of the land and sustainability in the region. The ethics course has a...
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10 simple steps to till and keep our side of Eden

30 June 2016
“…(H)asta qué punto son inseparables la preocupación por la naturaleza, la justicia con los pobres, el compromiso con la sociedad y la paz interior.” (Laudato si’, 10). Foto de: P Walpole

Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ This list of 10 simple steps we can take to cultivate and care for this garden in which God has placed us are by no means exhaustive and are only meant to stimulate us to create our own lists, borne from our own experience and desires.  Let the lists be...
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Healing Earth

31 May 2016
HealingEarthTriFold#2_6 10 14_v001.pdf

Brendan Keating The ecological challenges facing our world are unlike any humanity has faced.  Educating students about these pressing 21st century challenges necessitates a 21st century resource: a free, online environmental science textbook for upper-level secondary school and beginning college students.  Such a work is the goal of the International Jesuit Ecology Project. Called...
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Boboto high school students win national poster competition on nature and environment

30 April 2016

Jean-Christian Ndoki, SJ Benjamin Kataliko and Benjamin Kambale, students from Collège Boboto, a Jesuit high school in Kinshasa, DR Congo (DRC), won first place in a national poster contest on nature and the environment.  Under the supervision of a school professor, Mr Dénis Nzeza, they designed a poster on plastic waste that showed not...
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Discarded life jackets in Lesbos need a waste management plan

29 February 2016
El cementerio de la chalecos salvavidas apilados en las colinas de Lesbos, uno de una serie de fotos de la Sra Colleen Sinsky (, licenciada en Economía por la Universidad de Santa Clara, que truncó su vacaciones en el Mediterráneo en diciembre pasado para ayudar a los refugiados y cuyas historias compartía en sus blogs. Foto de:

Piled up along the shorelines of the island of Lesbos in Greece are thousands of bright orange life jackets representing the massive exodus of people mainly from conflict-torn Syria, seeking hope and a peaceful life in Europe.  Lesbos is the main entry point in the Aegean Sea for refugees and migrants to Europe and...
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