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What it is to climb a mountain

30 April 2013
Foto de: P Walpole

Pedro Walpole, SJ China has one of the most expansive limestone plateaus in the world, and it is in south China that the most diverse karst landscape developed. The south is believed to have the largest single karst area in the world, including eastern Yunnan. China’s karst landscape stretches through eight provinces in southern...
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Sustainability in the Pyrénées

31 March 2013
El Comité del Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO declarado Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido en los Pirineos como sitio de patrimonio mundial en 1997. Foto de: Foto de:

Maria Laguna Marin-Yaseli, PhD Long before Spain joined the European Union (EU), a growing concern for the future of mountain regions had begun within Spanish society. Mountain regions are rugged, hostile environments for human societies.  But in spite of the many challenges people face in these places, mountain towns in Spain have historically managed...
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Give me water… the living water!

15 March 2013
Foto de: EWN

Ecumenical Water Network The Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) is an international network of churches and Christian organisations providing materials about the global water crisis and community-based initiatives and coordinating advocacy towards the recognition and implementation of the human right to water. To raise awareness about World Water Day which takes place on 22nd March...
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Indigenous resistance and the right to consultation in Ixcán, Guatemala

28 February 2013
Representantes de la comunidad presentan sus preocupaciones sobre la propuesta represa hidroeléctrica Xalalá en septiembre de 2010 que inundarán las mejores tierras en 58 comunidades indígenas de Q'eqchi y algunos de los más pobres en el país. En octubre de 2012, las comunidades indígenas se reunieron con gobierno y presentaron sus razones para oponerse a la construcción de la presa en un foro público, pero gobierno es proceder a una segunda llamada a licitación en enero de 2013. Foto de:

Alicia Alemán Arrastio The case of the communities of Ixcán, in the northern area of Guatemala, illustrates the contemporary phenomenon of the growing pressure on the land and the natural resources which confronts the resistance of the local population, within a context of militarization.  The social action of the indigenous and peasant communities of...
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Living lightly and lovingly

15 February 2013
Garrett (segundo desde la izquierda), con otros novicios de clases de entrada 2010 y 2011 en un recorrido en bicicleta de Saint Paul y Minneapolis, MN en los Estados Unidos, durante la semana de orientación 2011. Foto de: G Gundlach

Scholastic Garrett Gundlach, SJ I have to admit right away that the main reason why people call me a ‘Jesuit tree hugger’ is because I literally hug trees.  In fact, Google-image-search my name, and the proof is right there, in green plaid and brown bark.  But with a semester under my belt as a...
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A reflection on soils: Groundlessly unnoticeable but heavenly crucial

31 January 2013
Cubierta de laderas en y el Océano Pacífico en la costa de California, USA. Foto de: Kyungsoo Yoo

Professor Kyungsoo Yoo I grew up in Seoul, one of the largest mega cities in Asia and the world.  When I was a child, Seoul showcased the good and bad symptoms of a rapidly industrializing economy.  My pre-school years were spent playing soccer and catching bugs.  Our soccer field had to be given up...
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Blessed are the peacemakers

15 January 2013
Foto de: Global Environmental Outlook 5, UNEP, 2012

Al Fritsch, SJ Several issues require longer-term cooperative efforts.  Our world has a human-generated environmental “cliff,” namely, climate change effects:  frequent weather extremes, oceans rising 3.2 millimeters per year, and carbon dioxide increasing at 2 ppm per year and expected to reach a catastrophic 650 ppm by 2050, or a 4oC temperature rise.  Europe...
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Reflections on China’s environmental protection administration system

31 December 2012
Agricultura y reforestación en el oeste de China, la necesidad de asegurar el suministro de agua. Foto de: P. Walpole

Dr Ziran Bao Ecojesuit shares these interesting notes from Dr Ziran Bao, a Senior Engineer at the Centre for Environmental Education and Communications, Ministry of Environmental Protection in China.  These notes were based on a paper she shared during an international workshop at the Mateo Ricci Institute last 7 and 8 November 2012 entitled...
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The dream of an older Jesuit

15 December 2012
Foto de: &

John Surette, SJ (NEN) “Your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 3:1) I have been a member of our Society for fifty-five years and have just turned seventy-eight years of age.  On the occasion of my birthday I desire to share with you my dream for our...
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A green church

30 November 2012
Parroquia Pedro Canisio (St Peter Canisius Church) en Nijmegen, Países Bajos. Foto de:

Jan Stuyt, SJ, translated from Dutch by T.P. The Church has the mission to preserve the life of the earth.  She defends the unborn life.  But what if there will not be any habitable earth in the future? Herman Philipse, professor of philosophy at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, recently wrote an...
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