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The Second Vatican Council and ecology

15 October 2012
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The Church is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council or Vatican II, arguably the most important event in the contemporary history of the Catholic Church.  Pope John XXIII convened the Council to adapt (aggiornar) the Church to a world that appeared new and surprising.  Instead of the European...
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When faith inspires new understandings

30 September 2012
Foto de: Chrétiens et pic de pétrole

Chrétiens et pic de pétrole (Christians and Peak Oil) Chrétiens et pic de pétrole (Christians and Peak Oil) or CPP is a study group established in 2008 in Lyon, France which questions the culture of excess that has invaded Western consciousness. Its aims are to rely on the results of scientific and anthropological research...
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Governance of natural and mineral resources

15 September 2012
Miembros participantes de GIAN-GNMR, Londres, Septiembre 2012

Michael Livingstone Throughout the world, many communities are struggling to deal with the consequences of extraction and exploitation of natural and mineral resources.  The problems that poor and marginalised communities often face include the loss of lands on which their livelihoods depend, with little or no compensation, environmental degradation, health related impacts, and conflict...
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Ecological dimension of internal migration and displacement

31 August 2012
Inundaciones en Haití. Foto de:

Mariel de Jesus In a conference hosted by Jesuit institutes and universities from the Philippines and Europe, four thematics were increasingly seen as the drivers of internal migration: livelihood, resource tenure, vulnerability to environmental risk, and conflict. Ecology is seen as a critical dimension and a cross-cutting issue in the discussion of migration and...
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Where are we heading? From Bendum to Rio and back again

14 August 2012
Jaime Tatay, SJ. Foto de: Jesuitas y amigos trabajando por el futuro que queremos en Río

Pedro Walpole, SJ I went from a mountain village in Southern Philippines to attend the global meetings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the land of magnificent bornhardts and beaches.  Heading back up the mountains after the discussions, what do I have to bring with me and what do 50,000 other people returning home have...
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Buen Vivir of the youth in the People’s Summit

16 July 2012
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Franclim Brito, SJ and Renato Costa The Society of Jesus in Brazil organised a workshop activity during the People’s Summit at Rio+20 last 21 June 2012 entitled “La juventud quiere el Buen Vivir,” loosely translated as “the youth want the right to a good life.”  Three Jesuit institutions jointly prepared this workshop: Fe y...
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Good intentions are not enough

30 June 2012
Good intentions are not enough

Jose Ignacio García, SJ “Good intentions are not enough” is precisely the title of an article (reprinted in ESSCNews) written by our colleague, Peter Walpole, SJ as he was returning from the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1992 and held in Rio de Janeiro, also known as the Earth Summit. Peter...
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Chut Wutty’s light

30 June 2012

Gabriel Lamug-Nañawa, SJ Once in a while, someone comes along and flashes a light on things that make others uncomfortable. May we never exchange light for darkness. Death in the forest On a hot sunny day 26 April 2012 in southwest Cambodia, Chut Wutty, director and founder of the Natural Resources Protection Group, was...
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Sustainability and participation

14 June 2012
Comunidades montañosas en Viet Nam discutir sobre la tierra y planes de gestión del agua. Foto de: Pedro Walpole

T.P. As a result of intense and lively debates about modern conceptions of governance, the active participation of the public in decision-making has gained an increasingly central role in environmental and sustainability programmes.  Political analysis has shown, that participatory processes not only possess an intrinsic value in terms of civic emancipation, but also serve...
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Energy and slavery

31 May 2012
Luces de la tierra. Foto de:

Guillaume Emin The Bible often reminds us that sometimes we are called to special forms of spiritual awakening – particularly since we are born sometimes in situations where sin can easily be institutionalised or become taken for granted.  Numerous types of awakenings are needed today in the face of materialism, secularisation and religious indifference,...
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