Come Sano Come Justo (Eat Healthy, Eat Fair)

Come Sano Come Justo (Eat Healthy, Eat Fair)

Pedro Piedras, President, Come Sano Come Justo Cooperative

Within the group of friends who operate Come Sano Come Justo (Eat Healthy Eat Fair), a cooperative group in Valladolid, Spain, there is a shared realisation that in these modern times, there are many people who wonder what to do, how to act, how to intervene in our society to change for the better, if only a little.

The Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, having been exposed to the terrible poverty in Moscow and inspired him to write his essay “What Then Must We Do?” in 1886, realised that the poor cannot be patronised anymore and their situation romanticised.

The same urgent question of wanting to know what can be done is at the heart of those who work in Come Sano Come Justo.  Key to the group’s initiative was the shared friendship and values, both in the care of nature and people’s health, and in seeking justice.  Among those who began this project is a group of Jesuits in Valladolid, with whom we share also other social and apostolic initiatives.

Come Sano Come Justo is a cooperative that gathers over 100 members who share common ideas based on the ecological sustainability of the planet, the promotion of responsible consumption, the support of fair trade networks, and the social integration and employment of people with disabilities and unconditional support for those in need.

The project Come Sano Come Justo puts all these together in a store that aims to develop an ambitious program: to sale organic products jointly with fair trade products to show explicitly the need to protect the planet and at the same provide better opportunities for those disadvantaged by aggressive business relationships.

And as stated in the group’s policies, 50% of staff membership accommodates people with physical or mental disabilities and all profits are allocated to social projects.  By doing so, the group believes that they close a “virtuous circle” that transforms an object for private benefit into an engine for social transformation.

Thus, a customer of Come Sano Come Justo who purchases and consumes from the store is actively supporting a charitable initiative.

It is true that it is difficult to change the world at once, but it is also true that this world needs symbols, images, and ideas that enable people to perceive that there is a change that is possible, a change that is easy to engage with, a change that requires very little but that gives back a lot.

Come Sano Come Justo wants to show Valladolid’s society that it is possible to act on behalf of our environment and therefore benefiting the people who live within that environment.  That is the desired response of Come Sano Come Justo to Tolstoy’s What Then Must We Do?

Come Sano Come Justo is located in C/ Ruiz Hernández, 3 de Valladolid, Spain and their email address is comesanocomejusto (at)


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