Community-engaged research for environmental justice

Community-engaged research for environmental justice

Community-engaged research can provide unique contributions to environmental justice by centering local knowledge, building truth from the ground up, producing actionable data that can influence decisions, and transforming researchers’ relationships to communities for equity and mutual benefit.

This is the key message of the book Ground Truths: Community-Engaged Research for Environmental Justice which can be read and downloaded for free from the University of California Press.

Ground Truths employs an original framework that shows how community-engaged research and environmental justice align, which links research on the topics treated in the chapters – from public health, urban planning, and conservation, to law and policy, community economic development, and food justice and sovereignty.

It also offers a critical synthesis of this type of research that can be applied in many fields, outlines the main steps, evaluates the research methods used, suggests new directions, and addresses overcoming institutional barriers to this work in academia.

Ground Truths is co-edited by Dr Chad Raphael, professor of communication and co-founder of the Environmental Justice and the Common Good Initiative at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, and Dr Martha Matsuoka, professor of urban and environmental policy and Executive Director of the Urban and Environment Policy Institute at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Raphael elaborated on the use of storytelling as an approach in developing a communication strategy for advocacy campaigns in one of the sessions of the Ecojesuit Annual Meeting in August 2023.

A four-part webinar series on Community-Engaged Research for Environmental Justice that discusses the key topics in Ground Truths is scheduled on 1 and 15 February, and on 1 and 7 March. Each webinar requires a separate registration and those interested may register for one or more webinars using this link.


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