Earth Day 2013 webisode on eco-justice work

Earth Day 2013 webisode on eco-justice work

Ignatian News Network  or IN Network, an online news channel on YouTube of Loyola Productions released their Earth Day webisode and shared some Jesuit initiatives on eco-justice.

The webisode Earth Day 2013: A Look at Eco-Justice, hosted by Molly McVie, featured Catholic organizations taking up the cause of eco-justice, as a blend of sustainability and human justice and as a response to the 2011 call by Father General to increase efforts amongst Jesuits and Jesuit institutions for more sustainable practices.

The four-minute webisode included efforts by American Jesuit universities, through the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, such as Boston College and its sustainability fair where students get to learn about sustainable practices and Fairfield University that installed a rainwater harvesting system in their campus.

Ecojesuit was also asked about its efforts to share stories from around the world on environmental and social concerns and where the Jesuit response is. Sylvia Miclat, part of Ecojesuit’s editorial team, mentioned the role of communications and Pedro Walpole, SJ, a member of the Task Force on Ecology, focused on the care and action of the Jesuits for people to have a better quality of life.

Dan Misleh, Executive Director of the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change shared that their organization helps Catholics in the United States to understand Catholic social teaching on the issue of climate change. They have a campaign called the Catholic Climate Covenant where one takes the Saint Francis Pledge, which is about five things: to pray about care for creation, to learn about the science of climate change and Catholic teaching on the issue, to assess the impacts, to act on that assessment and change behaviors, and to advocate on behalf of those who are particularly harmed by the impact of climate change.


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