Ecojesuit, finding a way to effectively collaborate in caring for the common home

Ecojesuit, finding a way to effectively collaborate in caring for the common home

In the document De Statu Societatis (DSS) 2023: Sent to collaborate in the reconciliation of all things in Christ, Father Arturo Sosa SJ reminds all that a way forward to effectively collaborate in the Care for the Common Home has yet to be found.

“There is a growing desire to do something, but we need to move beyond good intentions. Often, our actions are more cosmetic than genuine ecological conversion that requires profound changes in our lifestyle and work, which we consciously and unconsciously resist. Deepening our intellectual contribution in this field must be accompanied by the promotion of public policies that ensure the fulfillment of the commitments to measures agreed upon to reverse the deterioration of the environment worldwide.” (DSS, pp. 93-94)

This posits a genuine challenge for Ecojesuit to expand its networking for social commitment at the local, regional, and global levels. In August 2023, in the uplands of Mindanao, Philippines, participants to the Ecojesuit Meeting 2023 gathered in the ancestral domain (gaup) of the Pulangiyēn indigenous community. The gathering was an effort to strengthen commitment to act, renew a more focused collaboration and communication given the new core members, and find a more comprehensive communication.

The world continues to face ever-growing difficulties. Climate change, food and water insecurity, and biodiversity loss collectively impact, intensifies the uncertainties, and fiercely compounds widespread vulnerability that exacerbate the conditions in the margins.

With poor political action for the Common Home, the challenges are mounting as economic development continues to overshadow integral human development and ecological justice for the most vulnerable, as well as intergenerational solidarity.

These are the tensions when speaking of a shared mission and in understanding the collective dialogue needed to make the changes in global society. In this shared mission, conversion of hearts is sought that strengthens the will and motivation to work together for our Common Home.

Connectedness as an advocacy network is also connectedness with people, vulnerable communities, and creation. By being together, there is a deeper sense of shared responsibility as consolation is found in shared efforts. By being together, commitment is strengthened to work towards an integral and ecological way of living while being with the most vulnerable.

With ecological concern now beyond awareness, the challenge is to move beyond goodwill and towards concerted action.

The Ecojesuit Meeting 2023 report can be viewed and downloaded here (file size 18MB).

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