Effective collaboration and what it means for Ecojesuit

Effective collaboration and what it means for Ecojesuit


ECO-jESUITECPedro Walpole SJ

Ecojesuit, the global ecology network of Jesuits and partners, is looking back on the year and sees a humble value in moving forward and broadening the network of reconciliation with creation, as we gather together in Mumbai, India for the 2019 Ecojesuit Annual Meeting.

We are again thinking through the approach to networking as a focus for this annual meeting of coordinators, acknowledging that the conference level coordination is taking some time to develop. From the dispersed participation we have, the question is how might we make stronger connectors?

The broader reality is that people are becoming more aware personally, in community and broader society, about the ecological challenges and social realities pertaining to the life they live.

People understand more fully the connections between what they do and what they see globally; they are asking questions, but finding they are disempowered by the status quo.

There are realizations of the need for deeper change, often starting with the call for conversion, and for sharing the hope and vision of how to engage better. There is a need to shake off negative attitudes and seeking a pathway though the complexities while accompanying those in need.

Every province and every conference have, and are going through, reflective processes on the Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) that are not simply points for apostolic implementation and identifying what we are already doing, but are more occasions for reflection and conversion to a deeper reality and discernment of how we are to act.

The recent Global Congress of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat emphasizes this call for conversion and discernment in every aspect of our life as we move forward to accompany and care for all in a better world, and to be DISTURBED!

As the Ecojesuit team gathers, we will go through seven steps:

  • Where are we as a network?
  • Reflection and review of participation
  • Thoughts on personal conversion, commitment and courage
  • The nature of a network and our specific design and narrative
  • Major learnings
  • Review of objectives
  • Renewed beginnings
  • Envisaging the network over the next five years first recognizes that Jesuit institutions are beginners in networking and in caring for an integral world. The understanding of this network includes regional commitment and partnering with youth, secular society, indigenous peoples and other faith-based organizations. While it will not change the world, it is a very humble yet prophetic role. The network will be formed greatly by how provinces and conferences envisage and communicate the UAPs and engage in “wirearchy.”


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