3 thoughts on “From a Christian perspective: What is sustainability?

  1. Excellent piece on a crucial subject. Events such as the Love Canal, New York toxic chemical mess, and others as shown in the films Erin Brockavich and A Civil Action talk about a dangerous aspect of ecological sustainability.

    The resistance to making relatively simple adjustments by corporate executives really highlights the way greed and its extensions play a role in creating the pollution and injustice problems.

    We see the response in stories like Greenpeace’s having an ozone-safe refrigerant invented (in Germany) in the early 1990s. They then led its development, pursuing subscription orders and then involving the large manufacturers. We also see it in the story of the Danish who reinvented modern wind turbines after anti-nuclear protests, and later the Germans who led solar development in their untropical country.

  2. It’s an attempt for government or the UN to dictate what our God given rights are, the right to produce and pro-create; the right to live and be free of oppression.

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