GNMR Update: Responding to equity and sustainability concerns in the governance of mineral and natural resources

GNMR Update: Responding to equity and sustainability concerns in the governance of mineral and natural resources

2014_08_15_P&P_EN Photo1The first issue of the GNMR Update, an e-newsletter that shares the work and activities of the Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources (GNMR) Network, was released this month. The GNMR Network  is a network of Jesuit organizations and individuals working to address issues of equity and sustainability in the governance of natural and mineral resources.

The GNMR network is one of five global Ignatian advocacy networks (GIAN) established after the General Congregation (GC) 35 was held in 2008. GIAN’s five global thematic networks are on migration, ecology, governance of natural and mineral resources, right to education, and peace and human rights and all Conferences and Provinces are asked to commit to these priorities as appropriate.

At GC35, an important addition to “faith doing justice” was the focus on “reconciliation with creation.” This is referred to as being in right relationship with God (faith), with each other (justice), and with our environment (reconciliation with creation). It was also at GC35 where the reality that the Society of Jesus is “one body with a universal mission” was stressed.

Across the Jesuit world, efforts by Jesuits to influence the governance of natural and mineral resources were less consistently and systematically developed to date. However, there are pockets of excellent work and the GNMR Network is building upon expertise already existing in individual Conferences. This includes strong grassroots engagement with local people and communities and also deep knowledge of the pertinent issues in many countries across the world.

The GNMR Network is thus well placed to expand Jesuit activities in this area, while the emergence of a more global commitment to the issues increases the likelihood of success in our efforts to influence.

The GNMR Update is issued four times a year and welcomes stories and articles from around the world. There is also active collaboration with Ecojesuit that will be regularly featuring GNMR-related articles. Please contact Ms Carolyn Ryan through her email carolyn.ryan(at) for further information on how to contribute to the network.


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