Guidance map for Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’

Ecojesuit is putting up this guidance map to the different parts of the environment encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato si’, for readers who wish to engage with this document in terms of human development perspectives but who may not share the same faith convictions.  We are opening up a way to engage with people who are in development professions and practitioners who reckon with sustainable development in their work activities.  We want to respond to the interest to read Laudato Si’ not in its entirety yet want to get to the substance that affects daily lives and work.

As such, we navigate through Laudato si’  with brief descriptions of specific chapters, and not necessarily following its numerical chronology, and relating some passages with other people’s comments on the topic tackled. We hope that you find this useful as we struggle to respond to the call for action in caring and praising our common home through an integral ecology.

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5 thoughts on “Guidance map for Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’

  1. Thank you, this is is truly a great service! You have provided a very important teaching tool. Brief but substantial summaries.

    1. Hi!
      We was working to find a way to summarize Laudato Si to young people of our organisation (International movement of Catholic Student) when we discover this very interesting tools. Who is the author? Could we use this tool to make a small booklet for catholic student?
      Thank in advance to your answer.

      1. Greetings from Ecojesuit! We are happy to share this guidance map to Laudato si’ and we at Ecojesuit developed this. Please feel free to use it and best wishes! It would also be very helpful if you can share with Ecojesuit your experiences as an international movement of Catholic students :)

        Sylvia Miclat
        for Ecojesuit

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