Healing Earth 3rd edition launched

Healing Earth 3rd edition launched

Healing Earth, the free online environmental science textbook developed by Jesuit collaborators of the International Jesuit Ecology Project and launched 10 years ago, released its third edition in October 2022 with additional features that improve its usage.

According to content manager Christine Wolff, Healing Earth is a living textbook which means that it is “constantly changing and being updated to include more current issues.” The Healing Earth textbook tackles six environmental concerns in today’s world presented through contemporary unique case studies – biodiversity, natural resources, energy, food, water, and climate change – and discusses from scientific, ethical, and spiritual perspectives. Healing Earth has since received prestigious awards and gained support for its multi-perspective approach to studying environmental concerns.

The textbook’s newest edition has a Registration Page for teachers and educators. This is optional but by registering, access to educational materials and future publications will be available. There is also a Community Forum added that serves as a platform for educators to share pedagogical approaches, educational strategies in and outside of the classroom, challenges faced with the material or any of the content, or other information that can be shared. The forum allows people all over the world to connect and discuss environmental concerns, establishing a community of educators who share a common goal of healing the Earth.

The original text is in English and fully translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and French languages, with the Chinese translation coming soon with additional educational features and sections.

For more information, please go to Healing Earth and a related story, Celebrating 10 years of Healing Earth. The Healing Earth team at Loyola University Chicago can be reached through their email ijep@luc.edu.


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