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How fossil fuel companies responded to decades of warnings on global warming –Infographic

15 November 2018

Knowledge on the catastrophic effects of increased carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere has been around as early as the 1800s, and the top COemitters were even warned by their own scientists of the possible effects of these emissions to the climate.

However, along with the continuing research, warnings, and global initiatives to reduce the onset of global warming, there were also consistent campaigns from fossil fuel companies to spread doubt and denial on the role of man-made greenhouse gases to climate change, a timeline of which is illustrated below:

thermometer infographic

(This infographic depicts a selection of events and is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation, and would benefit from a regular updating. The infographic was developed by staff of Ecojesuit and Environmental Science for Social Change: John Colin Yokingco for the text and Maricel De Jesus for the visualization.)

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