Inspiring sustainable lifestyles through the lens

Inspiring sustainable lifestyles through the lens

CIDSE_CONTEST_TW_1500x500Wishing to contribute to building a strong narrative for deep individual and collective changes, CIDSE (an international global alliance of 17 Catholic development agencies working together for global justice) recently launched its first international photo competition on what people and communities are doing to consume and produce food and energy in a sustainable way.

Apart from the interest on people-led alternatives in sustainable consumption and production of food and energy, the activity also seeks to generate interaction between people’s experiences and policy makers, and encourage a path towards a policy landscape that helps people’s solutions and innovations to thrive.

The photo competition is held within the framework of CIDSE’s Joint Action Campaign Change for the Planet – Care for the People, a global campaign that calls for a radical change in people’s lifestyles towards living simply by reducing overall energy consumption and making environmentally-friendly food choices which minimize environmental impact, allow producers to gain fair livelihoods, do not violate human rights, and are also affordable.

The photo competition opened 1 February 2017 and will close on 23 April 2017. Participation is free and open to any person 18 years old and above, with categories for amateurs and for professionals. Those interested are asked to submit one photograph entry that reflects the competition’s title, “Inspire change through your lens. Show that the world is full of sustainable alternatives in food and energy!”

For further information and instructions on the competition, please proceed to the competition website and get in touch with the helpdesk at cftp.photocontest(at)


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