Jesuit alumni conversation and eco-pilgrimage on climate change from an Ignatian perspective

Jesuit alumni conversation and eco-pilgrimage on climate change from an Ignatian perspective

The Youth Wing of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA) is inviting all to a webinar on Jesuit Alumni Conversation with Ecojesuit on 29 January 2022 (13:00 GMT) to discuss the highlights of COP26 and the Ignatian approach to climate justice and also kick off their virtual eco-pilgrimage project.

Inspired by the Ecojesuit virtual pilgrimage to COP26 On the Way to Change last year, the WUJA Youth Wing’s virtual eco-pilgrimage is intended to increase awareness of lifestyle responsibilities, form participants towards a greater ecological sensitivity, and grow the commitment to global action through dialogue and encounters with alumni from different countries.

The virtual eco-pilgrimage will travel around the globe with six stops and events organized by representatives of local WUJA associations in partnership with Jesuit educational institutions in the six Jesuit conferences. Starting from Europe (Poland in February), the tour will continue to Asia Pacific (Indonesia in March), South Asia (India in April), Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo in April), Latin America (Brazil in May), and North America (USA in June). The final stop will be at the X Congress of WUJA in Barcelona in July.

At each of these stops, alumni are provided opportunities to listen and learn about the environmental challenges that threaten every part of the planet, as well as discuss and share impressions and ideas. The journey is an opportunity for Jesuit alumni to experience a diversity of encounters in the different regions, deepen their understanding on the socioecological realities in each region and the local and global challenges of climate change, and exchange ideas on how alumni and university students can take action in healing a broken world.

Throughout this eco-pilgrimage in the first half of 2022, information on each stage will be sent, inviting all to participate, especially young Jesuit alumni, and share the event in networks and in the different regions and stops.

Joining the live conversation are Ecojesuit Global Coordinator Pedro Walpole SJ and Nick Napolitano, Assistant for Justice and Ecology of the USA East Province and who also joined the Ecojesuit virtual delegation for COP26, with WUJA President Alain Deneef moderating. The event will be livestreamed on the WUJA Facebook page and can be accessed here.


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