Jesuits and friends celebrate Creation

Jesuits and friends celebrate Creation

Patxi Álvarez, SJ sharing a few words during the celebration. Photo by: Jaime Tatay, SJ

Franclim Brito, SJ
In order to give thanks to God for the activities took place here in Rio de Janeiro, Jesuits and colleagues gathered at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) do Rio de Janeiro in the evening of 21st June. Amidst the pleasant outdoor environment and rich biodiversity of the University campus, Jesuits and friends celebrated Creation ecumenically under the theme of the latest document issued by the Society of Jesus on Ecology “Healing a broken world.”

More than a hundred people joined – from the six works of the Society of Jesus in Rio (CPAL, Fe y Alegría, PUC, Saint Ignatius College, and Anchietanum CLC), and several Jesuits and collaborators from Latin America and Europe who were gathered at the CESPA (Center of Spirituality of Father Anchieta) for the meeting of the Latin American Jesuit Social Centres.

The gathering was part of the cultural activities taking place in the Peoples’ Summit to celebrate Creation through artistic performances and playful interpretations of Genesis (Gen 1), interspersed with songs in various languages:

Recognition of the gift of creation – the recognition of beauty and love of God in creating each of the elements of heaven and earth as water, animals, and others
Denying the gift – the unjust relationship of man with Creation, destroying nature and killing animals, and all that God created, including man himself
Reconciliation with the gift – a fresh start through the care and commitment with Creation and motivated by the General Congregation 35 through justice and ecology. Through simple dynamics of interacting with each other, participants experienced anew the joy of feeling and enjoying nature.

On the last day of creation, the seventh, it was suggested that God did not rest, as indicated by the biblical text, but excited by what he had created. God actively celebrated life. So we were invited to join in a dance, while all the presents sang a beautiful song, New Moment.

Participants ended the liturgy excited about the challenge that were aroused in their hearts, especially that of implementing simple practices and attitudes of care and solidarity with the creation in their daily life. The central message of the celebration was that we are totally interconnected and that we should look for our internal preparedness for this interconnectivity.


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