Jesuits in Europe launch COP28@Home ‘Together for Climate Justice’

Jesuits in Europe launch COP28@Home ‘Together for Climate Justice’

The Jesuits in Europe, through the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) in coordination with Jesuit Missions UK and the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice and in collaboration with Ecojesuit, launched the COP28@Home ‘Together for Climate Justice’ campaign to inform and advocate on important climate issues up to and during the upcoming COP28.

A COP28 position paper presents the campaign and its call to focus on three areas of change that COP28 must consider: 1) pressing for progress on Loss and Damage and standing by the Global South; 2) addressing important issues of food systems through changes in policies and consumption; 3) preparing for the future as global warming is a reality.

The COP28@Home ‘Together for Climate Justice’ campaign has a dedicated webpage that shares the COP28 position paper and features the different actions being taken and ways to engage.

There is a section that invites its European audience to write to elected government representatives to ask for strong action at COP28, and provides a template letter in English, Italian, and Polish. There is also a bi-weekly bulletin news about different topics around COP28 that will shift to a daily brief during COP28, and where those interested can sign up and subscribe.

Other sections include a COP28 conference guide, a COP28 prayer guide, as more news and materials will be added in the weeks to come, as well as COP-related events by other GIAN (Global Ignatian Advocacy Network) Ecology members.

In Laudate Deum, Pope Francis expresses the strong hope “…that COP28 will allow for a decisive acceleration of energy transition…” (54) and that “(m)ay those taking part in the Conference be strategists capable of considering the common good and the future of their children, more than the short-term interests of certain countries or businesses.” (60)

COP28@Home ‘Together for Climate Justice’ wants to keep this hope alive as the campaign contributes to the accompaniment of those following COP28 and engaging with its themes and discussions.


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