Laudato si’ in action in Casa Velha

Laudato si’ in action in Casa Velha

2017_01_31_N&E_Photo1Inspired by Laudato si’ in caring for our common home, Casa Velha launched Walk for Change and for ecological conversion in January while preparing for the visit of Pope Francis to Fatima, Portugal on 12 and 13 May 2017.

Walk for Change is part of the Juntos pela Mudança project or joint action for sustainable lifestyles, an initiative of the Faith and Cooperation Foundation (Fundação Fé e Cooperação or FEC) and in partnership with Casa Velha Associação – Ecologia e Espiritualidade and CIDSE (a network of Catholic agencies for Development of 17 countries in Europe and North America), with the support of the Camões Institute.

As Casa Velha puts it, “We live in a world that is in constantly changing in the social, demographic, economic and political spheres.  These shifts are also advancing our societies but this progress is also accompanied by a deep inequality that is transforming today’s society into a more individualistic and consumerist one.  To change these habits that compromise the sustainability of current and future generations, society itself must make the effort.  This year, 2017, cannot be just another year.  The world, our planet Earth, our Common Home needs more of our action and care.  Together, we should be able change this scenario and move towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.”

From January to May, people are encouraged to find time to stop and see how our life is, how our home is, and what changes should each person, each community, the whole world, make to achieve a true common home, with place for all, in the present and in the future.

The Walk for Change site is also a blog for everyone who wish to join the Change for the Planet, Care for the People, a campaign for sustainable lifestyles, through this Walk of Change.  This blog shares small and inspiring stories of change carried out over the course of these months by those who join this journey of caring and responding, showing that it is possible to transform the world we live in, so that it is a Common Home where everyone takes place and through which we are all responsible.  A Walk for Change guide is also available.


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