Leaning in to the climate crisis: tUrn 6 Climate Crisis Awareness and Action Week, Santa Clara University

Leaning in to the climate crisis: tUrn 6 Climate Crisis Awareness and Action Week, Santa Clara University

The sixth tUrn Climate Crisis Awareness and Action Week or tUrn 6 from 18 to 22 April 2022 at Santa Clara University (SCU) in Santa Clara, California, USA is inviting everyone “to lean in to the climate crisis because it is time, and we must.”

tUrn Director Kristin Kusanovich welcomes all on the first day of this sixth interdisciplinary, intercultural, intergenerational and international tUrn Climate Crisis Awareness and Action Week at SCU and around the world. In a previous Ecojesuit interview with Ms Kusanovich as part of the Common Good series, she shared her experience as a theater and dance senior lecturer who described going into climate action from the arts as a “natural leap.”

Artists, scientists, economists, ecologists join the five-day event as part of the daily Headliners with specific themes, sharing ideas and experiences that address the climate crisis:

  • Sovereignty, reality, art, film, data
  • Business, food, and island nations
  • Higher education and beyond, virtual reality, and Laudato Si’
  • Health, listening, oceans, law, and Kabul
  • Students and solutions

In-person events will be held daily at the SCU campus for faculty, staff, students, and guests while others will be online through the Zoom platform and is open and free to the public.

The tUrn project was undertaken to: 1) re-center vulnerable communities and voices as leaders and teachers with regards to climate crisis; 2) cultivate awareness of the climate crisis through interdisciplinary examinations of truth, beauty, justice and the common good and further educate and inspire even the already committed; 3) raise the alarm and sense of urgency to appropriate, situation-matching (but still productive) levels; 4) inspire hope in and engagement from non-specialists; and 5) shape commitments toward focused, strategic, spiritually-grounded, equitable, informed actions (small and large scale).

Ecojesuit Global Coordinator Pedro Walpole, also Director for Research of the Environmental Science for Social Change, a Jesuit research and training organization in the Philippines, joins the Headliners event on Day 2, 19 April, as one of the panelists in the event From Ridge to Reef: Climate Stories from the Philippines.

For more information and to join tUrn 6 , please go to the tUrn website or contact the organizers through their email turnproject@scu.edu.


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