Living Laudato Si’ – video

Living Laudato Si’ – video

On the third anniversary of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ encyclical letter on the care for our common home, we are continuously urged to hear “both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” (LS, 160).  The need to stir compassion and action for our common home among individuals and communities remains a pressing concern.

To continue and sustain the calls and challenges of Laudato Si’, Ecojesuit produced Living Laudato Si’, a three-minute video that shares nine points to guide and remind us as we respond:

  1. Laudato si’, mi’ Signore is about living life. It’s a message of joy and simplicity that prevails over and against all the serious personal concerns and global issues.
  2. Living Laudato Si’ is an action of taking time and finding the process by which I can care more.
  3. It is a healing for me. It is enough, it is God’s love for me. It is my concern for the human person I see before me with compassion and mercy, not with fear or frustration.
  4. It is about caring for the smallest thing, like the glass of water I drink.
  5. The Gospel message of a cup of water given to “one of these” needy persons is a reflection of the whole world, it is a message of reconciliation and healing.
  6. And what happens? I too am being healed; I too am made whole as I work in solidarity with others in the incompleteness and suffering of creation.
  7. In the challenges I personally face, there is a call for conversion, greater discernment, and new caring choices.
  8. In family, community, and culture, I find the context and the trust for ecological change, humbly sharing and caring.
  9. Solidarity and spirituality transform the relations and needs of those at the margins bringing them to the center and bringing the whole of Creation into a relationship of care.

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