New center in Korea Province includes ecological concerns

New center in Korea Province includes ecological concerns

Jesuits in Korea

The Jesuit Research Center for Advocacy and Solidarity is a newly founded institution by the Korea Province of the Society of Jesus to provide technical assistance to Jesuit social apostolates in Korea and organizations and movements with which they form coalitions or networks.

The center intends to provide service through research, information management, and solidarity building, both nationally and internationally.  Its service focus include:

  • Catholic social teaching
  • Evangelizing social structures through the use of media, theological reflection, practices
  • Community service that is ecological, sustainable, and promotes grassroots democracy
  • Workers and migrant workers
  • Solidarity and networking
  • Spirituality for workers, the poor, and social justice action
  • Jesuit formation for the social apostolate
  • Volunteering, community-based research, Sogang University volunteering

In addition, the center’s Director, Francis Mun-Su Park, SJ is appealing for online petitions to oppose the Four Rivers Restoration Project of the Korean government that aims to develop the Han, Nakdong, Geum, and Yeongsan Rivers

In the appeal for protest , the center writes that “the name ‘restoration’ is normally applied to projects which remove artificial barriers from a river and restore it to its natural flow.  This project, however, consists mainly of dredging deep river beds and constructing dams, artificial riverbanks, and cultural and recreational facilities.”

Further information on the opposition from scientists and engineers, environmental groups, and other civil society groups is also provided.


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