Reconciling with Creation, Source Book

Reconciling with Creation, Source Book

Mariel de Jesus

For more than 20 years, people in Asia have been involved from the local to the global level, in their concern and action for the environment. In the last three years, Jesuit people have been involved in a serious discourse and commitment to strengthen the relationship of faith and gratitude for creation. This is resulting in a new commitment to reconcile the way we live with the way we must care for our environment.

“Reconciling with Creation” is a resource book for those interested in learning more about the ecological dimension of the Jesuit mission. The publication is an effort of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) and the Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC), one of the institutes providing support to the conference’s work on ecology.

The book contains various documents that are seen as helpful for people reflecting on and engaging in reconciliation with Creation. The core document, Healing a Broken World , is included, as well as a further reflection on the recent history of its development. There is also a section on the work of global advocacy in an Ignatian context, a movement that many are actively engaging with as they seek to respond to the realities in our society today. As part of the initiative to build advocacy and networks, Jesuit people are also promoting the environmental mission using online platforms and social networks. This strategy has been instrumental in reaching a global audience who share in the vision and action. A section is devoted to the global conversation that is taking place within Ecojesuit.

Specific to JCAP, the publication also presents Our Environmental Way of Proceeding which outlines the Conference’s overarching approach to ecological engagement. This is a document that many have found useful, and the publication includes some of the ways that people are using the text and how they are adapting and applying this to specific contexts and programs of activity.

Many people are involved in this global mission and the work is proceeding quickly. As such, the ongoing reflections, analysis, and strategy will quickly date this publication. However, it is seen as a valuable resource to help people connect with the different aspects of this dynamic movement and start our own discussions, deepening our hope and our environmental commitments.

For many, the environmental dimension of the mission is new. Many are still struggling with how to respond to the need to care for the earth. Some are grappling with their willingness to make the necessary changes in lifestyle, to making the commitment to reconcile with creation. It is not a document that is intended to overwhelm. Rather than be daunted by the real concerns that we face, it is hoped that Reconciling with Creation will lay the foundation by which people can engage in the mission with a sense of hope.

To order a copy or copies of Reconciling with Creation, please fill-up the order form. The book is available in hard copy, for PhP 600.00 each, at the office of the Environmental Science for Social Change, 1/F Manila Observatory Building, Ateneo de Manila University Campus, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines. We can also arrange for airmail delivery through regular post and the total cost of the book, including airmail delivery, is US$ 30 to the US and Canada, Euro 35 to Europe, and PhP 1,200 for Asia and the Pacific region, including Australia. 

The book’s table of contents features the following: Introduction, Healing a Broken World, Signs of Healing in the Time of Ecology, Global Ignatian Advocacy Network, Ecojesuit, Our Environmental Way of Proceeding, Asia Pacific Strategy, Fact Sheets, and With Passion for Environmental Justice: Response of the Society of Jesus to “reconciliation with creation.”


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