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REPAM: Shaping a church with an Amazon face and an indigenous face

19 February 2019

“Each culture and each worldview that receives the Gospel enriches the Church by showing a new aspect of Christ’s face. The Church is not alien to your problems and your lives, she does not want to be aloof from your way of life and organization. We need the native peoples to shape the culture...
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From Cardoner to the Amazon: Water from the same Source

30 September 2015

Fernando López, SJ and Arizete Miranda, CNS-CSA, translated to English by Joseph Munitiz, SJ “Do you see the light now?” the Xapori (shamans) of the Yanomami tribe were asking those being initiated after a night passed in purification and preparation. “Do you see the light?” they insisted, as they prayed and sang and danced,...
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Learning from Mabo: Uncontacted peoples, culture, and sovereignty

31 October 2013
El legado de contacto en los pueblos indígenas de Australia se refleja en la cultura tangible indígena contemporánea, es este caso en la obra del artista del desierto occidental Adrian Tjupurrula en su pintura Pueblos Pintupi en Kintore superarando los problemas de la inhalación de gasolina. Foto de: C Story

Christine Storry The potential of the landmark Australian High Court Mabo Case to inform the implementation of the UN Guidelines on uncontacted and isolated peoples in South America was presented before an international law conference audience last July during the 21st Australian and New Zealand International Law Conference. My paper Learning from Mabo: Uncontacted...
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