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Youth education for climate, preparing for a lifetime challenge

5 May 2021

Ecojesuit shares this article originally published in Magis Americas as part of their initiative to invite different people and organizations as guest writers on specific topics. In this case, the conversation is on “climate education, the role of the youth, its understanding as a lifetime challenge and the need to focus on the process,...
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Voices from the margins and the cultures for recognition and reconciliation

23 April 2021

In a recent virtual side event to the 20th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Jason Menaling, from the Pulangiyēn community in northern Mindanao, Philippines, was asked to discuss on climate action and adaptation initiatives by Indigenous Peoples. As a voice from the margins, he shared his insights gained from his...
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Indigenous Peoples as agents of peace in the nexus of education, extractives, and climate change (a virtual UN side event)

20 April 2021

Indigenous speakers from Indonesia and the Philippines will share in a virtual side event on 21 April during the ongoing 20th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues from 19 to 30 April 2021 with the theme Peace, justice, and strong institution: The role of Indigenous Peoples in implementing Sustainable Development Goal...
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Indigenous as guardians of ecological services

15 March 2021

Today is a celebration of Sacred People, Sacred Earth, and we, the indigenous youth here in Bendum in northern Mindanao, Philippines, put together an image of how we see ourselves as guardians of our ancestral domain and its ecological services. In this image are some of the leaves, around 150, of different forest species....
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Community-based research in environmental justice through Jesuit institutions

3 July 2020

Pedro Walpole SJ How do communities share their hopes and actions for change? Communities who are marginalized have a very different thought process to those actively engaging with change. Communities, when gathered, are often a disunity of people who happen to be living in a same geographical space. They do not necessarily operate collectively;...
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An ecological justice experiment in Bendum: A conversion experience

29 February 2020

Nhika Rufaro Admire SJ I am a Jesuit priest from Zimbabwe, belonging to the Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe/Mozambique. I came to the Philippines at the beginning of September 2019 for a six-month tertianship program organised by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific. Tertianship is officially the last stage of Jesuit formation and a preparation...
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Spirituality for action in two houses caring for our common home

31 August 2019

Margarida Alvim It would hardly be helpful to describe symptoms without acknowledging the human origins of the ecological crisis. A certain way of understanding human life and activity has gone awry, to the serious detriment of the world around us. Should we not pause and consider this? (Laudato Si’ 101) God saw everything...
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Indigenous communities and youth: Distinct local and global roles in sustaining environment and culture

31 March 2019

The Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC), an upland indigenous school in Bendum, Bukidnon in northern Mindanao, Philippines invited Ms Victoria “Vicky” Tauli-Corpuz, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as the key speaker during the student graduation activity on 28 March.  APC runs a Kinder to Grade 12 basic culture-based...
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Culture and integrity from the ground, a local forum

19 February 2019

Indigenous Peoples constitute 5% of the global population but protect 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity. They hold unique systems of knowledge in safeguarding natural resources, in adapting to and mitigating climate and disaster risks, in medicine, in history and in sustaining peace, among others. These are deeply rooted in their culture and relationship...
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Integral ecology and Indigenous Peoples

15 July 2018

The international conference on Laudato Si’ on its third anniversary spoke about three urgent engagements in responding to the social and environmental challenges that our world faces in the current times. First is the economics of the present situation and its urgency and for which Pope Francis has already spoken with oil companies and urged...
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