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Engaging with minds and hearts for the Mekong River, a threatened Mother

31 October 2015

Gabriel Lamug-Nañawa, SJ Cambodia is usually known for its ancient stone temples, of which Angkor Wat is the most famous, or for the genocide that happened at the hands of the Khmer Rouge during the period of 1975-1979, which claimed around two million people. Cambodia also used to be the country with the most...
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Seeking Neak Ta Krohom Kor, the Spirit with a Red Neck

15 July 2013

Gabriel Lamug-Nañawa, SJ February 28, 2013 was a very hot day, the sun was out, welcomed by a cloudless sky. The air was still, except for winds of dust stirred up by makeshift tractors which went ahead. There were around 12 koyuns or mechanical cows as they are called, each carrying 10 to 15...
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Planting trees in Cambodia, an interfaith activity

28 February 2013

Gabriel Lamug-Nañawa, SJ Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims, both foreigners and Khmer, gathered together at Choeung Ek in Cambodia last 27 January to devote an afternoon for different faiths to remember and pray for the thousands of innocent Cambodians executed there under the Khmer Rouge regime. The remembrance of the genocide victims that afternoon was...
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Sustainable wood carving at the Center of the Dove, Cambodia

17 June 2011

Pedro Walpole, SJ For the past 15 years, Chum Som On has been working in Banteay Prieb (Center of the Dove), a training facility administered by Jesuits for people with disabilities from all around the country and located outside Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Som On started the carving program of Banteay Prieb, which now...
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