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Environment and aesthetics

31 January 2013

T.P. The variety of colours, mentalities, and languages that the Catholic Church as a plural and global community unites in itself, finds its counterpart on an environmental ethics level in a manifold diversity of theoretical and practical approaches to ecological questions. There is one remarkable contribution to this polyphony and is celebrating in these...
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The green bridge

15 September 2012

T.P. Among the numerous statements published by Christian Churches on the environment ethics, one unusual document that also marks a cornerstone of Catholic-Orthodox dialogue silently celebrates its tenth anniversary.  In summer 2002, Pope John Paul II and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, signed their Common Declaration on Environment Ethics, also known as...
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From a Christian perspective: What is sustainability?

14 June 2012

Markus Vogt The principle of sustainability was first developed in Europe within the economics of forestry.  Decades or even centuries are needed, until a forest has grown out to become workable timber.  Such time scales require a planning in long-term and intergenerational perspectives.  For this purpose, the German economist Hans-Carl von Carlowitz introduced the...
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