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The green journey of Tarumitra with the youth

26 November 2019

Devopriya Dutta Tarumitra  (friends of trees in Hindi and Sanskrit) is a movement that evolved from the Forum for Environment that students started in 1988, with a focus on the conservation of biodiversity and promotion of ecological sensitivity. This students’ movement is now working in 23 states of India and with around 2,000 schools...
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Living lightly and lovingly

15 February 2013
Garrett (segundo desde la izquierda), con otros novicios de clases de entrada 2010 y 2011 en un recorrido en bicicleta de Saint Paul y Minneapolis, MN en los Estados Unidos, durante la semana de orientación 2011. Foto de: G Gundlach

Scholastic Garrett Gundlach, SJ I have to admit right away that the main reason why people call me a ‘Jesuit tree hugger’ is because I literally hug trees.  In fact, Google-image-search my name, and the proof is right there, in green plaid and brown bark.  But with a semester under my belt as a...
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