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On the occasion of the postponed COP26: Open letters to the Presidents of the African Union, Council of the European Union, and European Commission, and to the UK Prime Minister

19 November 2020

JCAM Justice and Ecology Office and Xavier Network Committed to following the teaching that Pope Francis set out in Laudato Si’ and to promoting an ecological conversion, Jesuits in Britain, Africa, and in mission and development organizations working widely across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, wrote an open letter to African and European leaders...
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Breaking the links between conflict and natural resources: How the EU financial regulation can help

15 July 2014

Alicia Aleman Arrastio For over a decade, the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of Congo has been reporting on the connection between the minerals trade, armed conflict, and human rights violations. International solidarity groups and human rights activists have also been very active in addressing this link and proposing policy measures,...
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Biofuels – a rethink among politics?

15 February 2013

Jessica Nitschke Discussion about the limited quantity of available oil stocks, and about the increased price of fossil fuels is nothing new, but the issue represents increasingly urgent challenges for the transport sector and for national economies.  It is similarly an important challenge for politicians to diversify fuel sources, so assuring the security of...
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