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Industrialists in Brussels and forest dwellers in Gujarat on enterprise and environmental costs: Two moments, one world

9 December 2019
Tea-drinking in Zadoli village in the Nadami district of Gujarat state with the Adivasi community whose traditional home is in the forests of the central plains of India. (Photo credit: R Javier)

Edmond Grace SJ Two very different groups, one in Brussels and one in the forests of Gujarat in India, have given me a lot to think about on the role of business in the care of our common home. On 25 September, I was standing on the balcony of the sixth floor overlooking the...
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The entry into force of the Paris Agreement in COP22 Marrakech

15 October 2016
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Paula Sendín Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) gave their consent to the ratification of the Paris Agreement on 4 October 2016, a significant move to enter into force the first global pact against global warming.  A few days before, on 30 September, the EU environment ministers agreed to ratify the Agreement through a...
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Conference on European initiative on responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict and high-risk zones

30 June 2013

Kwinja Nako Muhaya It has been a few months since members of civil society met to look into the responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict and high-risk zones, commonly known as “conflict minerals.” A first pulse was launched on 13 March 2013 in the Belgian Senate on a seminar entitled “Towards an initiative of...
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