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Lessons in post-disaster management

31 August 2014
Casas con techos y paredes en un sitio de reubicación, pero sin agua. Foto des: ESSC

Mariel de Jesus Surviving the typhoon is the initial ordeal for many people who live through climate-related disasters in the Philippines. Losing homes and livelihoods, survivors next face the challenge of restoring a sense of normalcy in their lives. After the initial outpouring of relief goods, people are often left to their own devices,...
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Sustainability and participation

14 June 2012
Comunidades montañosas en Viet Nam discutir sobre la tierra y planes de gestión del agua. Foto de: Pedro Walpole

T.P. As a result of intense and lively debates about modern conceptions of governance, the active participation of the public in decision-making has gained an increasingly central role in environmental and sustainability programmes.  Political analysis has shown, that participatory processes not only possess an intrinsic value in terms of civic emancipation, but also serve...
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