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What must I do to reduce my CO2-equivalent emissions?

30 September 2013

Guillaume Emin Moral duties are generally not much in fashion today. It is very easy to speak about must-see movies, must-do trips or must-have smartphone applications, but it has become pretty difficult to speak about what every person should do or avoid, for moral reasons. As I share some efficient ways to reduce our...
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Finance + Climate Change = 2?

16 July 2012

Guillaume Emin Finance now plays a central role in modern societies.  In 2005, finance, insurance and real estate accounted for 18% to 20% of total employment in France, the UK and the USA, in comparison with 5.5% to 7% in 1950.  Moreover, these activities accounted for 28-30% of the 2005 Gross Value Added in...
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Energy and slavery

31 May 2012

Guillaume Emin The Bible often reminds us that sometimes we are called to special forms of spiritual awakening – particularly since we are born sometimes in situations where sin can easily be institutionalised or become taken for granted.  Numerous types of awakenings are needed today in the face of materialism, secularisation and religious indifference,...
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