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Indigenous Peoples in 21st century Guyana: One People, One Nation, One Destiny

27 December 2013

Paul Martin, SJ Amerindian Heritage Month is an annual observance in Guyana during September to honour its Indigenous Peoples. There is focus on languages, food, dance, lifestyles, and culture of the various Amerindian groups. But the point is that this is a celebration for all Guyanese, not just its Indigenous Peoples, as “they” are...
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Learning from Mabo: Uncontacted peoples, culture, and sovereignty

31 October 2013

Christine Storry The potential of the landmark Australian High Court Mabo Case to inform the implementation of the UN Guidelines on uncontacted and isolated peoples in South America was presented before an international law conference audience last July during the 21st Australian and New Zealand International Law Conference. My paper Learning from Mabo: Uncontacted...
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Pope Francis, the environment, and Indigenous Peoples

31 July 2013

Luis Santiago Cano At the most recent World Youth Day in Río de Janeiro, Brazil, Pope Francis conveyed a number of important messages not only for the Catholic community but also for the whole of humanity. Among them, there is one with a special meaning due to the venue, which is the Amazon: Pope...
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Of pig skulls and seminarian-shamans: Identity and the middle ground

15 November 2012

Scholastic Mark Lopez, SJ More than any of our lectures or readings in our course on Doing Contextual Theology in Dialogue with Indigenous Peoples with Father Jojo Fung, SJ, four people impressed upon me the challenges and the fruitfulness that await those who tread this path of learning, theologizing, and struggling to find the...
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Valuing ecosystem services

30 October 2012

Rowena Soriaga Due to irrational use of natural resources largely driven by overconsumption, ecosystems are fast losing their regulating and supporting functions, including water regulation and purification, climate and disease regulation, soil formation and nutrient cycling.  As natural habitats shrink, ecosystem services previously enjoyed for free are becoming increasingly threatened.  This context has led...
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Jesuit Companions in Indigenous Ministry: Around a fire that enkindles our hearts

30 September 2012

Jojo Fung, SJ From Australia, East Timor, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, the Jesuit Companions in Indigenous Ministry (JCIM) gathered at Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 20 to 24 September to reflect on our communal experience of accompaniment and formation of the indigenous communities in the light of GC 34, D....
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The social apostolate focuses on ecology

25 June 2012

Patxi Álvarez, SJ On the second week of June, the annual meeting of the social delegates of the Conference of Latin America and Caribe took place in Buenos Aires.  It was cold autumn at that time.  There were around 30 people coming from the Jesuit provinces in Latin America.  Among them there were the...
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Indigenous Peoples’ International Declaration on Self-Determination and Sustainable Development

25 June 2012

Indigenous Peoples from all regions of the world met at the “Indigenous Peoples International Conference on Sustainable Development and Self Determination” from 17th to 19th June 2012 at the Museu da República in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We thank the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil for welcoming us to their homelands and express our solidarity...
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Four glimpses of the People’s Summit

22 June 2012

Jaime Tatay FE Y ALEGRIA Fe y Alegria (FyA) is a “Movement for Integral Popular Education and Social Development.”  This movement directs its activities to the most impoverished and excluded sectors of the population, in order to empower them in their personal development and their participation in society.  FyA was born in Venezuela in...
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When we are not free: The role of teachers

30 March 2012

Pedro Walpole, SJ Today in the Philippines, the traditional respect for teachers as the point of truth and integrity in community is being whittled away, as has community.  And yet there are stories that show us all is not lost. I watch the teachers in our mountain community in Bukidnon, Philippines struggle with lesson...
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