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Reconciliation with creation: Updates on JCAP’s strategy on ecology

15 January 2013

Pedro Walpole and Iris Legal The awareness and gratitude for our human environment and our place in a global ecology continues to grow amongst Jesuit people – Jesuits and lay people who share at the institutional, social, formational, and community levels of our mission.  Areas of concern are continuously emerging as issues and occasions...
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Scholastics in Cambodia and the Philippines “greening” their houses

30 September 2012
Scholastics in Cambodia and the Philippines “greening” their houses

Iris Legal and Mariel de Jesus Young Jesuits in Cambodia and the Philippines are initiating and practicing environmental management within their houses, seriously responding to the call of “getting their act together” so they can be more credible in engaging with broader environmental concerns in society. Prieb So, Cambodia Prieb So, translated as the...
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Jatropha option for creating energy and livelihood for communities with poor soils

14 August 2012

Iris Legal and Pedro Walpole Maria Grotto, a Jesuit parish led by Father Pram is exploring the initial implementation of lumbang daya or the granary power concept in its area to respond to the energy crisis in rural communities, at the same time contribute to developing livelihood options.  The parish is located in Danan...
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Growing a green campus

16 December 2011

Iris Legal Growing a green campus is a new frontier for many Jesuit education institutions.  From Healing A Broken World (HBW), the recommendations initially focus on Jesuit lifestyle and institutions, with the first recommendation as a good starting point that “Jesuit communities and apostolic works are invited to discern the management of our own...
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