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Biofuels – a rethink among politics?

15 February 2013

Jessica Nitschke Discussion about the limited quantity of available oil stocks, and about the increased price of fossil fuels is nothing new, but the issue represents increasingly urgent challenges for the transport sector and for national economies.  It is similarly an important challenge for politicians to diversify fuel sources, so assuring the security of...
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Rio+20: Great opportunities ahead, church NGOs say

31 May 2012

Jessica Nitschke Almost 1.4 billion of the world’s people of the world live on less than US$ 1.25 on day.  In Latin America and the Caribbean, 0.5 per cent of forest cover is lost each year.  Given these developments, policy makers and civil society organisations on a conference that will take place in Rio...
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Food as a human right is at risk

30 March 2012

Jessica Nitschke Globally, there are 830 million people still suffering from hunger.  The world population is expected to continue increasing in the coming decades, and to reach around nine billion by 2050.  This raises important issues for the future, such as ensuring food for all the people.  A change in the global food production...
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