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Scholastics form eco-friendly habits at Puna Unit in Jakarta, Indonesia

15 October 2017
El jardín en Puna Unit

Scholastic F Ray Popo, SJ The scholastic formation house at Pulo Nangka (Puna Unit) in East Jakarta, Indonesia provides opportunities for resident scholastics to cultivate eco-friendly habits.  And as Pope Francis wrote in Laudato Si’, “An awareness of the gravity of today’s cultural and ecological crisis must be translated into new habits.” (LS 209)...
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Scholastics in Cambodia and the Philippines “greening” their houses

30 September 2012
Scholastics in Cambodia and the Philippines “greening” their houses

Iris Legal and Mariel de Jesus Young Jesuits in Cambodia and the Philippines are initiating and practicing environmental management within their houses, seriously responding to the call of “getting their act together” so they can be more credible in engaging with broader environmental concerns in society. Prieb So, Cambodia Prieb So, translated as the...
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